Monday, February 4, 2013

Back on line!

Apologies to those who were keeping up with me for disappearing for two months.  I managed to finish up my 30 days of programming just fine.  I loved it, but haven't done anything since then. 

I got in the car with the dog and drove from San Francisco to Michigan.  It was a long trip and I spent more than a month away from home.  Ada went on her first ever plane ride and I painted a bunch of rooms in the house (the guest bedroom no longer looks scary and has no pipes in it!)  I am not quite ready to start my next 30 day challenge, but I will be starting another challenge for myself.

My task for today is to write a bucket list!  Things I want to do before I die and some of them I have already done.

( ) Cook my own Thanksgiving Dinner
( ) Cook my own Christmas Dinner
(X) Cook a perfect Soufflé
(X) Cook a perfect Ommlett
(X) Stay in a WigWam
(X) Eat Fry bread
(X) See the Grand Canyon
( ) Visit to Mexico
(X) Visit Canada
( ) Roller Skate on the Venice Beach Boardwalk
(X) Skate as a Jammer and Score points for my team
( ) Have a flat stomach
(X) Run on a Beach
( ) Run a Half Marathon (maybe a marathon)
( ) Visit India
( ) Visit Thailand
( ) Visit Egypt
( ) Go on a Safari
(X) See ancient writings in their natural habitat
(X) See the Painted Dessert and the Petrified Forest
( ) Go deep sea fishing
(X) See dolphins in the wild
( ) Visit Alaska
( ) Go to Octoberfest
( ) Visit Paris
( ) Jump out of an airplane
( ) Try surfing
(X) Try Roller Derby
(X) Live in New Orleans
( ) Knit a sweater
(X) Ride a Motorcyle
( ) Go to Disneyworld
(X) Can my own food
( ) Make my own cheese
(X) Fall in Love
(X) Get in a fight
(X) Read in a park
( ) Go snorkeling or scuba diving
( ) Visit Austrailia
( ) Go backpacking
( ) Get married to the man I love
(X) Go camping
(X) Gallop a horse
( ) Grow my own garden
( ) Bake a fancy cake (has to look pretty and taste great)
( ) Take glamorous Boudoir pictures
(X) Act on a stage
(X) Sing in front of a crowd
(X) Go dancing with friends
(X) See Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas
( ) Graduate from Collage
( ) Play a video game and finish it
(X) Fly on an airplane
(X) Own a dog
(X) Hug a bear
(X) Climb up a mountain
( ) Go Skiing
(X) Try Marijuana (in a legal place)
(X) Pet a whale
(X) Go skinny dipping in a lake
( ) Go ice fishing
( ) Stand on a glacier
(X) Work for myself
(X) Gamble
(X) Get a tattoo
(X) Get s piercing
(X) Read a chapter book (I remember that milestone!)
( ) Go white water rafting
(X) Build a snow fort
( ) See a rain-forest
(X) Be kissed till my knees give out
( ) Help sail a boat
(X) Go on a roller coaster that goes upside down
( ) Go to Octoberfest

It's not on the list, because it's not something that can just be checked off, but I will also never turn down any food that is offered to me.  I want to taste the world!

I hope to update again in a week or so and by that time I'll probably know what my next challenge will be.  ^__^ I'm excited to be back!