Sunday, November 25, 2012

24/30: Coding

So I haven't quit coding.  Except for one day (when I forgot to code till after I was laying bed and my boyfriend had said we had to sleep) I have been working on this every day.  I just don't feel like I'm learning as quickly as I could be if I focused a little better.  I'll be coding an extra day because of that (that's two extra days now!) I know it's not awesome. I should blog a little better.  I will give you a real update tomorrow.  A nice one that will tell you about my Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

12/30-17/30: Coding

I've had a huge mental block with my coding.  I haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong and that means some days I've only spent 5 or 10 minutes on it.

Yesterday my boyfriend had a friend over.  They both worked together at the UofM, Domino's and when we moved out here, D was able to convince J to move here as well.  ^_^  After they were  both out here they managed to convince two members of their UofM team to come out for interviews too.  It's a movement!

I don't like to bother my boy too much with all this programing stuff, but I was so stuck that after our wandering I was sitting on the couch and eventually asked them for help.  Having two insanely smart SRE's available to trouble shoot my baby code was quite nice.  They also explained the difference between defining my code and calling it.  Now I know what was going wrong!  It's so awesome when you finally stop seeing the error code!

The site was not working one of the days, so I'm adding an extra day of coding onto the end of this 30 period.  I still feel bad for not trying harder to work that day, but it happens. As soon as I finish this post I'm gonna take some real time to get into my next coding assignment.  Functions are interesting.

The dog has been driving me crazy.  She's barking at everything.  I need to download all the episodes of "It's Me or the Dog" because I feel Victoria Stillwell's method of training is wonderful and will work really well with Ada.

List of things I want my dog to stop doing
     - barking and lunging at other dogs (this seems to be an on and off behavior)
     - barking and lunging at skateboards
     - lunging at runners or other fast things that surprise her
     - eating everything off the sidewalk
     - nosing at people walking by us
     - barking at homeless people
     - chasing pigeons, ducks, squirrels, or anything really

Looking at it in print the list is longer than I would like.  Poop! I hope I can manage to train her out of these.  I'm not that consistent either.  This is gonna be hard and take some time. I also need to buy a new clicker and a real reward pouch.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

9/30-11/30: Coding

It's been a rough couple of days.  I can't talk about it much at the moment.

I have been coding, but I seem to have hit a bit of a block.  I'm not sure where I'm going wrong and my personal consultant (aka my boyfriend) is unavailable.  I was really hoping I would understand this better.  Also the Q&A forums aren't giving me any answers.

So since I don't have too many to talk about here is a picture of the bathroom.  I like it.

Swirly twirly circles and gray.

Ada and I also spent the night at my girls house.  We chased goats, and ate chicken and knitted things.  It was awesome.  While she was picking up the goats from the goat spa I woke up and took her dog, Iggy, and the Ada-dog to the beach. Ada kept trying to get close to a pair of dead seagulls.  There was also tons of seaweed with dead starfish and crabs in it.  We moved over one beach because I was tired to trying to convince her that it was a bad idea.

So Iggy is the most relaxed dude.  Stays close by and comes as soon as you ask him. Seriously chill.  Ada on the other hand, races as fast as she can up the beach, races back, skids to a stop in front of me (just to check in real fast mom!) and then races off again as fast as possible.  They both got some love from a set of kids with parents who were completely unworried about the fact that Ada was a Doberman Pincher.  Woo! They chased her all up and down the beach. Iggy did some exploring. Tons of petting and lots of fun.  Lucy Lui (the dog, not the actress) came onto the beach and she and Iggy did their butt sniffs.  Ada decided that she had to protect him and barked her head off.  ^__^ She was jealous!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

7/30 & 8/30: Coding

 I got only 5 minutes of coding done on the 7th day of coding.  Today on the other hand!  This is what I did! ^_^ So awesome!!  It turns any word into pyg-latin.  I threw in lots of filler since I was hearing the voice of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz in my head.  His -Inator's are very inspiring. 

 I wonder if I can actually embed it into the blog so you can use it. Okay I can't figure out how to do it.  But you can paste it into this which is where I've been practicing my python.

^_^ My code! *preens* It's so pretty!! *giddy*

print "BEHOLD! My Pig-Latin-Translator-Inator!!"
print "*voice of Doctor Doofenshmirtz*"
pyg = 'ay'
original = raw_input('Go ahead! Give me a word. I dare you!')
if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
    if first=="a" or first=="e" or first=="i" or first=="o" or first=="u" or first=="A" or first=="E" or first=="I" or first=="O" or first=="U":
        print vowel_word
        print new_word
    print "Oh. I thought it was going to turn everything into pig noises or something like that... I could probably fix it, but this'll work. Well? Impressive isn't it.  With it I shall control the ENTIRE TRI STATE AREA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chokes on a swallowed fly*"
    print "Well it looks like SOMEONE can't follow directions."

#word[0] means it starts at the 0 position of the word
#word[1:] means it starts in the 1 position and goes to the end

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6/30: Coding

Not much to say! I didn't spend that much time coding, but I do understand what I was doing a little bit better.  Throwing the raw (and inelegant) code in to make sure I understand it later when I've slept and forgotten a bunch of things.  This is after figuring it out twice, and it took me 20 minutes the second time as well since I didn't really understand it the first time around.  And that was with the Q&A to guide me! The if, else, elif statements are rather mind bending.  I am glad I spent the extra time with them.  Even if it is 5 in the morning! But I get why the bottom code works! (I think.)

I'm noticing a few similarities between python and ruby.  I think the Ruby platform I was working with was a little easier to understand, and it felt like I was learning faster.  It wouldn't really let me go off script though.  The python platform is giving me a much deeper understanding, even though it isn't as simple to understand.  It's also a lot more willing to let me tamper with the code and the format they set up.  So I can screw up! But the problem is I can screw up!  So yeah.  I think I'll be able to use Python better when I'm done simply because I'm spending so much more time on it.

I see how the old "Hitchhikers Guide" video game was set up.  I could probably write something like that now.  It would take me a while, but I think I could do it if I really wanted to have 100 diff options for every question and hated my free time.  Hell I manged to ask a question, give several options, and depending on the answer, offer different responses!

Didn't do too much today.  Made a yummy chicken salad.  Skipped my coffee, but down diet Pepsi like it was full of crack.  Had a "Psych" marathon! Recovered from all the election nerves of yesterday.  Stayed in the house, all day. Feel a tiny bit guilty for that, but that's part of not working and not having a reason to leave the house.

Here is an awesome kickstarter project for time travel underpants!  I really want some.  If nothing else these should be made.  Not my favorite DW swag, but cute.  This idea comes from JRose at the cheeseblarg!  She does some really fun things throughout the year and I love her scavenger hunts.

It's almost 6 am.  I should take Ada dog out and get some sleep.

#Starting code! Use # to get used to it. Must return true.  Does not need to print.
def the_flying_circus():  #<- is the function.
    if True or False:           #Everything after function must be indented.
        return True
    elif 7+8>7**2:         #elif statement comes before my else!
        return False        #return or print statements need a tab as well
    else:                          #else statement is left blank
           return True

Spelling is VITAL!!  Get better at it. The below code is because I watched "the Wiz" earlier this year for the first time and have seen a billion "Sexy Dorathy!" costumes. Almost worked in my awesome Elphaba into the mention, but just didn't have the energy to be that witty.

def oz():
    print "Welcome to Munchkin land!"      #no extra tab yet since it's the A statement
    print "Where are you from? Kansas or New York City?"
    answer = raw_in
put("Type Kansas or New York City and press 'Enter'.")
    if answer == "Kansas" or answer == "kansas":
        print "White Dorathy! Great now we'll be seeing sexy halloween costumes for 50 years!"  #this is a B statement, the return or print needs the extra indent like in the simple above code
    elif answer == "New York City" or answer == "new york city" or answer == "NYC" or answer == "nyc":
        print "Black Dorathy! Great, now we get our own Disco Diva!"
        print "Can't make up your mind? I guess you're from the Matrix!"

        oz()      #I'm assuming this is to define the end of the function

oz()       #I'm assuming this is to actually run the function. I can have another function after that and it will run as long as it's been defined before hand.

clinic()  #for example, not sure how it would run if I had a diff function for each answer.  I bet I would have to attach the new function to the answer of the previous one.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5/30: Coding and jogging

Today was rather a waste as a day.  Ada dog woke me up after only 5 hours of sleep.  Instead of telling her to shove off I took her out.

Wanna get a little sun!

The weather was beautiful and I can't believe I live in a place where I can leave the house in a sports bra in November. Life is good.  I went for about 3 miles.  I felt guilty for not doing more.  Wouldn't you know that I get all silly and serious about my workouts after I start getting good at them!  I let the Ada dog romp around the park a little bit off her leash.

I grabbed the life affirming necter that is my latter (they love the Ada dog there!) and decided that I had lots to do.  I got a chicken in the oven to roast and that's about where the productive of my day stopped.  Of course it wouldn't be today if I hadn't burnt the chicken!  I spent the rest of the day being sleepy and watching tv.  Also I gave Ada delightful chicken treats.

My real downfall for productivity was the election though.  I couldn't put down my FB! I kept having important election stuff to check.  I managed to get some shelves put up.  I washed the Ada-dog leash and harness (seriously nasty yo!) and went to the hardware store for some nails and an hook for my keys.  Grabbed some beer on the way home to try to face the election. 

That was my evening.  It's after midnight and the code I've run makes no sense.  I was only at it for 16 minutes, but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em!

I will go over the whole section again tomorrow since it was rather confusing and hopefully with my notes and such it'll be more comprehensible the second time around!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3/30 & 4/30: Coding and Resume

Yesterday's coding was fun! I learned things!! I made the date show up all pretty like.  Granted it also was a much sloppier version than I saw in the Q&A forums.  I kinda hate them for being full of people who are better at this than me and making me question my code.  If I made it work, then it shouldn't matter that it took me forever or that it took twice as much code, or that it's not as simple.  It working should be enough.  But it's not.  I want it to work and be pretty.  I'm debating not going near the Q&A forums till I'm done so I don't get down, but what if I miss out on learning from my fellow students?

 It's so silly! It took me a few tries to make it look better on output since I had no real plan.

Today I wandered the city today for a few hours.  I went to Macy's to poke HR with a stick to see if they would be more willing to work on my transfer if I bugged them in person.  Of course they were all "Oh we don't have your transfer! We have never even heard of you!" -__-'

 My "You should take me serious" shoes.

So that was a not joy.*  I then went to Ross.  I frolicked through the picture frame aisle! It was wonderful.  Except of course for them having all the frame sizes I need.  This is the first time I think I have ever actually decorated a home.  It's really starting to feel like a place for me and my boyfriend.  We have had so many separate places that we later merged, or places we knew were temporary stops and rather disliked, that it's the first time I think I've ever put this kind of effort into making a "home"

Then I went off to talk resumes with a friend that works in the financial district.  It was fun and I was glad for the help since resume writing makes me tense and irritable.  (I'm not just saying that because he reads this either! ;-P) It's nice to have people I can hang out with while my guy is out of town and it keeps me from feeling like such a shut in at the end of the day.

I love my granny cart! 
I use it for groceries and hauling picture frames!

Target was my next stop for milk and Nutella, because I miss Nutella and am out of the pale excuse of a Trader Joe's substitute.  I also got sucked into the workout wear.  I love it so much!! I didn't buy any though because I'm not going to spend money I don't have. At least this time I won't!

Today I learned about greater than, equal to, not equal to, etc. Also about True and False statements and how not True* is False.  Then came the tricky bit.  if and else.  I hate them.  I got stuck and went and grabbed a strip of bacon and a diet pepsie and started writing this blog.  I also decided that I need to start taking notes, so at the bottom of this blog will be notes to myself on things I want to remember but don't want to clutter my Facebook up with.  I am not saving them on my computer because I know I'll just lose them.  This is a sad reality of my life. I did get unstuck when I was half way through writing, but I am not going back to it tonight because it's already 2:10 am and I should get to sleep.

*these not True, not 8%3!=1**7 (which would be True) and not states are driving me rather nutty!

^_^ Sometimes cities have neat things that make me happy!

Notes to self.
"if" and "else" statements need to be at the same indentation (tab) spot.
% is a weird word that I can't remember but means this 10%3= 10/3= 3 with 1 left over so the answer is the 1 that is left over, not the three!
Capitalization and spelling matter!!
Don't forget my colon.
Doesn't look like spaces matter in 1 + 7 or 1+7 but "white space" does.
#hashtags are good for one line notes
"""Triple quotes are good if I need to insert a paragraph of notes."""
if I have "%s, is so great but %s is awful" % (A, B)- check the screen shot at top of post for reminder.
If I'm repeating a set value several times (such as "/") I can assign a value to it ("/"=P) and then I can use it in a code without typing it many times.
I think if it's in "s it's probably a string.
I can turn integers into a string by str(now.month) or str(87**0.05)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2/30: Coding and first run!

So yesterday was frustrating when I went back to the Ruby tutorial.  Because I took so much time between staring and finishing it I had to start over.  It went a lot faster the second time around and I was able to understand much more of it.  I also managed to take a piece of code and put what I needed to around it to make it work.

See that! I made a popup window and fixed a title onto a blog with tons of help!

I did go on my first run again after the first 30 days.  Two miles were tough!  

So a little recap on what I learned in my 30 days of running.  I like it! But I already know that I like coding better.  I may be better at running though.  Fitness is way a bit easier to understand, but coding is kinda like working sudoku for an hour.  And I like working Sudoku for an hour.

Of course, unlike sudoku, I can't watch "Arrow" or other crappy TV and do it at the same time.  I actually need to focus.  My boyfriend likes to listen to dubstep while he codes.  I've tried classical and am thinking about pop or musicals.  Will try dubstep too.  Gotta find the right combo for focusing.

Today I work up to my sexy awesome man bringing me a latte and a cream cheese bagel.  Then we chilled in bed while I got cream cheese all over my face while trying to eat my bagel.  Sadly he headed out to try his luck with the San Francisco Public transit system while I was left alone. 

My Facebook motivational team helped me get off my bum and get another run in today (3, 10 minute miles!).  Ada seemed to have a very hard time with the last half mile.  She was panting rather hard by the time we finished.  I'm glad my 3 days of non running didn't make me completely unfit.

I have a little muffin top, but I think I'm toning up.

So after my run I got to catch up with my friends whom I love adore and am sad to be so far away from.  It was rather nice and I am lucky to have such great people as friends.  ^_^ I am going to knit for a little bit and watch a shitty movie.  Then I am going to start on a Python tutorial.  I think my goal will be writing a web page.  One for this blog maybe.  It'll probably be ugly, probably very ugly.  I don't even know if I can write a web page.  Is that possible? I guess I'll find out.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

1/30: Coding and the Break

So my first break day was Halloween.  I spent it wandering around the Giants Parade and then getting lost on my way to the Castro. 

That evening I did not go out since I was alone and it was crazy depressing.  It threw me into a bit of a Funk and left me with a Thursday of not leaving the house.  I spent all day Thursday watching Ouran Host Club and making soup.  It took way too much energy.

On Friday I was chillin' on FB and ran across a rather awesome article on why I should be a tech girl.  I had been wanting to learn how to code for a long time.  I also have been rather afraid of it and haven't known where to start.  Two people have already said to me "Pick a goal that you can work on!" and I'm all like "Okay!" while thinking I have no idea what I can even do with this! What sort of goal? What if I can't do it? How is any of this even useful?!

Of course it's a rather silly.  Code is what keeps our everything running! I also learned that "Code" and "Programing" are the same thing.  Computer Science is not about Code, it's actually it's only huge degree that helps you understand it all.  I think. 

So on my first day of coding I procrastinated a bunch.  Then I took Ada for a 4 hour walk.  We went to the paper store! Then we went to a second hand store where I got barely worn $90 BCBG shoes for $5. *score!* We went to the dog park and Ada made doggy friends for the first time since we came here. (This basically means that there were lots of big dogs and lots of dog walkers who didn't freak out that she was a dobie.) Then I got free cupcakes!

Shit yeah! It exsists and it totally really full of DVDs.
It's clean and well lit and it scares me. 

I finally got home and settled in to start coding.  I have been in this page for two days now and am planing on redoing the entire tutorial once I've finished it.  I hope that I'll understand more of it when I'm done.  I will admit that I chose it because it was cute and looked fun. I'm still scared of failing, but at least I'm trying.

It is fun! I like it! ^____^