Saturday, December 1, 2012

25/30- 28/30 Coding!

 So I've kept up slowly with my coding.  I think I'll keep trying to get it even past my 30 days.  I like learning this and it is rather fun to go through it with my boyfriend on occasion.  He's a better teacher than the internet and makes me work through things properly so that I actually understand them.  I don't often have the courage to ask for help.  Since I only make baby steps it's rather embarrassing to show how far I've come day by day.

 I've had my birthday and have gotten old! I got to take the Ada-dog to Macy's and we took a picture with Santa Claus.  ^__^ She was so polite and sweet.  I got flowers and was taken to German dinner.  It was nice!

I have also spent time creating Christmas Cards! (Or holiday cards for the non religious.)  It was fun and took forever.  I made embossed snowflake cards on nice midnight blue paper! It costs more than I like to do that sort of thing, but it was fun.

This is my latest code.  Only works because I knew it was wrong and my boyfriend helped me work though it line by line.  He actually wrote a tiny bit of it.  I made it run.  With a lot of hand-holding.

def fizzCount(x):
    c = 0 #set c to = 0 in the function
    for i in x:
        if i == "fizz":
            c += 1
    return c
somelist = ["a","b","fizz","not_fizz","fizz"]
someotherlist = ["fizz", None]
athirdlist = [None, "not_fizz", "abcde", "fizz"]

listoflists = [somelist, someotherlist, athirdlist]
for l in listoflists:
    print fizzCount(l)

For i in x:
for statements run though the x and look for i's. Confusing, but useful.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

24/30: Coding

So I haven't quit coding.  Except for one day (when I forgot to code till after I was laying bed and my boyfriend had said we had to sleep) I have been working on this every day.  I just don't feel like I'm learning as quickly as I could be if I focused a little better.  I'll be coding an extra day because of that (that's two extra days now!) I know it's not awesome. I should blog a little better.  I will give you a real update tomorrow.  A nice one that will tell you about my Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

12/30-17/30: Coding

I've had a huge mental block with my coding.  I haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong and that means some days I've only spent 5 or 10 minutes on it.

Yesterday my boyfriend had a friend over.  They both worked together at the UofM, Domino's and when we moved out here, D was able to convince J to move here as well.  ^_^  After they were  both out here they managed to convince two members of their UofM team to come out for interviews too.  It's a movement!

I don't like to bother my boy too much with all this programing stuff, but I was so stuck that after our wandering I was sitting on the couch and eventually asked them for help.  Having two insanely smart SRE's available to trouble shoot my baby code was quite nice.  They also explained the difference between defining my code and calling it.  Now I know what was going wrong!  It's so awesome when you finally stop seeing the error code!

The site was not working one of the days, so I'm adding an extra day of coding onto the end of this 30 period.  I still feel bad for not trying harder to work that day, but it happens. As soon as I finish this post I'm gonna take some real time to get into my next coding assignment.  Functions are interesting.

The dog has been driving me crazy.  She's barking at everything.  I need to download all the episodes of "It's Me or the Dog" because I feel Victoria Stillwell's method of training is wonderful and will work really well with Ada.

List of things I want my dog to stop doing
     - barking and lunging at other dogs (this seems to be an on and off behavior)
     - barking and lunging at skateboards
     - lunging at runners or other fast things that surprise her
     - eating everything off the sidewalk
     - nosing at people walking by us
     - barking at homeless people
     - chasing pigeons, ducks, squirrels, or anything really

Looking at it in print the list is longer than I would like.  Poop! I hope I can manage to train her out of these.  I'm not that consistent either.  This is gonna be hard and take some time. I also need to buy a new clicker and a real reward pouch.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

9/30-11/30: Coding

It's been a rough couple of days.  I can't talk about it much at the moment.

I have been coding, but I seem to have hit a bit of a block.  I'm not sure where I'm going wrong and my personal consultant (aka my boyfriend) is unavailable.  I was really hoping I would understand this better.  Also the Q&A forums aren't giving me any answers.

So since I don't have too many to talk about here is a picture of the bathroom.  I like it.

Swirly twirly circles and gray.

Ada and I also spent the night at my girls house.  We chased goats, and ate chicken and knitted things.  It was awesome.  While she was picking up the goats from the goat spa I woke up and took her dog, Iggy, and the Ada-dog to the beach. Ada kept trying to get close to a pair of dead seagulls.  There was also tons of seaweed with dead starfish and crabs in it.  We moved over one beach because I was tired to trying to convince her that it was a bad idea.

So Iggy is the most relaxed dude.  Stays close by and comes as soon as you ask him. Seriously chill.  Ada on the other hand, races as fast as she can up the beach, races back, skids to a stop in front of me (just to check in real fast mom!) and then races off again as fast as possible.  They both got some love from a set of kids with parents who were completely unworried about the fact that Ada was a Doberman Pincher.  Woo! They chased her all up and down the beach. Iggy did some exploring. Tons of petting and lots of fun.  Lucy Lui (the dog, not the actress) came onto the beach and she and Iggy did their butt sniffs.  Ada decided that she had to protect him and barked her head off.  ^__^ She was jealous!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

7/30 & 8/30: Coding

 I got only 5 minutes of coding done on the 7th day of coding.  Today on the other hand!  This is what I did! ^_^ So awesome!!  It turns any word into pyg-latin.  I threw in lots of filler since I was hearing the voice of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz in my head.  His -Inator's are very inspiring. 

 I wonder if I can actually embed it into the blog so you can use it. Okay I can't figure out how to do it.  But you can paste it into this which is where I've been practicing my python.

^_^ My code! *preens* It's so pretty!! *giddy*

print "BEHOLD! My Pig-Latin-Translator-Inator!!"
print "*voice of Doctor Doofenshmirtz*"
pyg = 'ay'
original = raw_input('Go ahead! Give me a word. I dare you!')
if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
    if first=="a" or first=="e" or first=="i" or first=="o" or first=="u" or first=="A" or first=="E" or first=="I" or first=="O" or first=="U":
        print vowel_word
        print new_word
    print "Oh. I thought it was going to turn everything into pig noises or something like that... I could probably fix it, but this'll work. Well? Impressive isn't it.  With it I shall control the ENTIRE TRI STATE AREA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chokes on a swallowed fly*"
    print "Well it looks like SOMEONE can't follow directions."

#word[0] means it starts at the 0 position of the word
#word[1:] means it starts in the 1 position and goes to the end

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6/30: Coding

Not much to say! I didn't spend that much time coding, but I do understand what I was doing a little bit better.  Throwing the raw (and inelegant) code in to make sure I understand it later when I've slept and forgotten a bunch of things.  This is after figuring it out twice, and it took me 20 minutes the second time as well since I didn't really understand it the first time around.  And that was with the Q&A to guide me! The if, else, elif statements are rather mind bending.  I am glad I spent the extra time with them.  Even if it is 5 in the morning! But I get why the bottom code works! (I think.)

I'm noticing a few similarities between python and ruby.  I think the Ruby platform I was working with was a little easier to understand, and it felt like I was learning faster.  It wouldn't really let me go off script though.  The python platform is giving me a much deeper understanding, even though it isn't as simple to understand.  It's also a lot more willing to let me tamper with the code and the format they set up.  So I can screw up! But the problem is I can screw up!  So yeah.  I think I'll be able to use Python better when I'm done simply because I'm spending so much more time on it.

I see how the old "Hitchhikers Guide" video game was set up.  I could probably write something like that now.  It would take me a while, but I think I could do it if I really wanted to have 100 diff options for every question and hated my free time.  Hell I manged to ask a question, give several options, and depending on the answer, offer different responses!

Didn't do too much today.  Made a yummy chicken salad.  Skipped my coffee, but down diet Pepsi like it was full of crack.  Had a "Psych" marathon! Recovered from all the election nerves of yesterday.  Stayed in the house, all day. Feel a tiny bit guilty for that, but that's part of not working and not having a reason to leave the house.

Here is an awesome kickstarter project for time travel underpants!  I really want some.  If nothing else these should be made.  Not my favorite DW swag, but cute.  This idea comes from JRose at the cheeseblarg!  She does some really fun things throughout the year and I love her scavenger hunts.

It's almost 6 am.  I should take Ada dog out and get some sleep.

#Starting code! Use # to get used to it. Must return true.  Does not need to print.
def the_flying_circus():  #<- is the function.
    if True or False:           #Everything after function must be indented.
        return True
    elif 7+8>7**2:         #elif statement comes before my else!
        return False        #return or print statements need a tab as well
    else:                          #else statement is left blank
           return True

Spelling is VITAL!!  Get better at it. The below code is because I watched "the Wiz" earlier this year for the first time and have seen a billion "Sexy Dorathy!" costumes. Almost worked in my awesome Elphaba into the mention, but just didn't have the energy to be that witty.

def oz():
    print "Welcome to Munchkin land!"      #no extra tab yet since it's the A statement
    print "Where are you from? Kansas or New York City?"
    answer = raw_in
put("Type Kansas or New York City and press 'Enter'.")
    if answer == "Kansas" or answer == "kansas":
        print "White Dorathy! Great now we'll be seeing sexy halloween costumes for 50 years!"  #this is a B statement, the return or print needs the extra indent like in the simple above code
    elif answer == "New York City" or answer == "new york city" or answer == "NYC" or answer == "nyc":
        print "Black Dorathy! Great, now we get our own Disco Diva!"
        print "Can't make up your mind? I guess you're from the Matrix!"

        oz()      #I'm assuming this is to define the end of the function

oz()       #I'm assuming this is to actually run the function. I can have another function after that and it will run as long as it's been defined before hand.

clinic()  #for example, not sure how it would run if I had a diff function for each answer.  I bet I would have to attach the new function to the answer of the previous one.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5/30: Coding and jogging

Today was rather a waste as a day.  Ada dog woke me up after only 5 hours of sleep.  Instead of telling her to shove off I took her out.

Wanna get a little sun!

The weather was beautiful and I can't believe I live in a place where I can leave the house in a sports bra in November. Life is good.  I went for about 3 miles.  I felt guilty for not doing more.  Wouldn't you know that I get all silly and serious about my workouts after I start getting good at them!  I let the Ada dog romp around the park a little bit off her leash.

I grabbed the life affirming necter that is my latter (they love the Ada dog there!) and decided that I had lots to do.  I got a chicken in the oven to roast and that's about where the productive of my day stopped.  Of course it wouldn't be today if I hadn't burnt the chicken!  I spent the rest of the day being sleepy and watching tv.  Also I gave Ada delightful chicken treats.

My real downfall for productivity was the election though.  I couldn't put down my FB! I kept having important election stuff to check.  I managed to get some shelves put up.  I washed the Ada-dog leash and harness (seriously nasty yo!) and went to the hardware store for some nails and an hook for my keys.  Grabbed some beer on the way home to try to face the election. 

That was my evening.  It's after midnight and the code I've run makes no sense.  I was only at it for 16 minutes, but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em!

I will go over the whole section again tomorrow since it was rather confusing and hopefully with my notes and such it'll be more comprehensible the second time around!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3/30 & 4/30: Coding and Resume

Yesterday's coding was fun! I learned things!! I made the date show up all pretty like.  Granted it also was a much sloppier version than I saw in the Q&A forums.  I kinda hate them for being full of people who are better at this than me and making me question my code.  If I made it work, then it shouldn't matter that it took me forever or that it took twice as much code, or that it's not as simple.  It working should be enough.  But it's not.  I want it to work and be pretty.  I'm debating not going near the Q&A forums till I'm done so I don't get down, but what if I miss out on learning from my fellow students?

 It's so silly! It took me a few tries to make it look better on output since I had no real plan.

Today I wandered the city today for a few hours.  I went to Macy's to poke HR with a stick to see if they would be more willing to work on my transfer if I bugged them in person.  Of course they were all "Oh we don't have your transfer! We have never even heard of you!" -__-'

 My "You should take me serious" shoes.

So that was a not joy.*  I then went to Ross.  I frolicked through the picture frame aisle! It was wonderful.  Except of course for them having all the frame sizes I need.  This is the first time I think I have ever actually decorated a home.  It's really starting to feel like a place for me and my boyfriend.  We have had so many separate places that we later merged, or places we knew were temporary stops and rather disliked, that it's the first time I think I've ever put this kind of effort into making a "home"

Then I went off to talk resumes with a friend that works in the financial district.  It was fun and I was glad for the help since resume writing makes me tense and irritable.  (I'm not just saying that because he reads this either! ;-P) It's nice to have people I can hang out with while my guy is out of town and it keeps me from feeling like such a shut in at the end of the day.

I love my granny cart! 
I use it for groceries and hauling picture frames!

Target was my next stop for milk and Nutella, because I miss Nutella and am out of the pale excuse of a Trader Joe's substitute.  I also got sucked into the workout wear.  I love it so much!! I didn't buy any though because I'm not going to spend money I don't have. At least this time I won't!

Today I learned about greater than, equal to, not equal to, etc. Also about True and False statements and how not True* is False.  Then came the tricky bit.  if and else.  I hate them.  I got stuck and went and grabbed a strip of bacon and a diet pepsie and started writing this blog.  I also decided that I need to start taking notes, so at the bottom of this blog will be notes to myself on things I want to remember but don't want to clutter my Facebook up with.  I am not saving them on my computer because I know I'll just lose them.  This is a sad reality of my life. I did get unstuck when I was half way through writing, but I am not going back to it tonight because it's already 2:10 am and I should get to sleep.

*these not True, not 8%3!=1**7 (which would be True) and not states are driving me rather nutty!

^_^ Sometimes cities have neat things that make me happy!

Notes to self.
"if" and "else" statements need to be at the same indentation (tab) spot.
% is a weird word that I can't remember but means this 10%3= 10/3= 3 with 1 left over so the answer is the 1 that is left over, not the three!
Capitalization and spelling matter!!
Don't forget my colon.
Doesn't look like spaces matter in 1 + 7 or 1+7 but "white space" does.
#hashtags are good for one line notes
"""Triple quotes are good if I need to insert a paragraph of notes."""
if I have "%s, is so great but %s is awful" % (A, B)- check the screen shot at top of post for reminder.
If I'm repeating a set value several times (such as "/") I can assign a value to it ("/"=P) and then I can use it in a code without typing it many times.
I think if it's in "s it's probably a string.
I can turn integers into a string by str(now.month) or str(87**0.05)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2/30: Coding and first run!

So yesterday was frustrating when I went back to the Ruby tutorial.  Because I took so much time between staring and finishing it I had to start over.  It went a lot faster the second time around and I was able to understand much more of it.  I also managed to take a piece of code and put what I needed to around it to make it work.

See that! I made a popup window and fixed a title onto a blog with tons of help!

I did go on my first run again after the first 30 days.  Two miles were tough!  

So a little recap on what I learned in my 30 days of running.  I like it! But I already know that I like coding better.  I may be better at running though.  Fitness is way a bit easier to understand, but coding is kinda like working sudoku for an hour.  And I like working Sudoku for an hour.

Of course, unlike sudoku, I can't watch "Arrow" or other crappy TV and do it at the same time.  I actually need to focus.  My boyfriend likes to listen to dubstep while he codes.  I've tried classical and am thinking about pop or musicals.  Will try dubstep too.  Gotta find the right combo for focusing.

Today I work up to my sexy awesome man bringing me a latte and a cream cheese bagel.  Then we chilled in bed while I got cream cheese all over my face while trying to eat my bagel.  Sadly he headed out to try his luck with the San Francisco Public transit system while I was left alone. 

My Facebook motivational team helped me get off my bum and get another run in today (3, 10 minute miles!).  Ada seemed to have a very hard time with the last half mile.  She was panting rather hard by the time we finished.  I'm glad my 3 days of non running didn't make me completely unfit.

I have a little muffin top, but I think I'm toning up.

So after my run I got to catch up with my friends whom I love adore and am sad to be so far away from.  It was rather nice and I am lucky to have such great people as friends.  ^_^ I am going to knit for a little bit and watch a shitty movie.  Then I am going to start on a Python tutorial.  I think my goal will be writing a web page.  One for this blog maybe.  It'll probably be ugly, probably very ugly.  I don't even know if I can write a web page.  Is that possible? I guess I'll find out.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

1/30: Coding and the Break

So my first break day was Halloween.  I spent it wandering around the Giants Parade and then getting lost on my way to the Castro. 

That evening I did not go out since I was alone and it was crazy depressing.  It threw me into a bit of a Funk and left me with a Thursday of not leaving the house.  I spent all day Thursday watching Ouran Host Club and making soup.  It took way too much energy.

On Friday I was chillin' on FB and ran across a rather awesome article on why I should be a tech girl.  I had been wanting to learn how to code for a long time.  I also have been rather afraid of it and haven't known where to start.  Two people have already said to me "Pick a goal that you can work on!" and I'm all like "Okay!" while thinking I have no idea what I can even do with this! What sort of goal? What if I can't do it? How is any of this even useful?!

Of course it's a rather silly.  Code is what keeps our everything running! I also learned that "Code" and "Programing" are the same thing.  Computer Science is not about Code, it's actually it's only huge degree that helps you understand it all.  I think. 

So on my first day of coding I procrastinated a bunch.  Then I took Ada for a 4 hour walk.  We went to the paper store! Then we went to a second hand store where I got barely worn $90 BCBG shoes for $5. *score!* We went to the dog park and Ada made doggy friends for the first time since we came here. (This basically means that there were lots of big dogs and lots of dog walkers who didn't freak out that she was a dobie.) Then I got free cupcakes!

Shit yeah! It exsists and it totally really full of DVDs.
It's clean and well lit and it scares me. 

I finally got home and settled in to start coding.  I have been in this page for two days now and am planing on redoing the entire tutorial once I've finished it.  I hope that I'll understand more of it when I'm done.  I will admit that I chose it because it was cute and looked fun. I'm still scared of failing, but at least I'm trying.

It is fun! I like it! ^____^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30/30: The End of Jogging

Last day!!  Today was my last day running. I woke up after my 6 mile triumph and spent the morning attached to ravelry and feeling great.

The day was rough though.  I had to manhandle a broken cart, a crazy Ada and a latte down the street for a mile to get to Target so I could return the cart since it was stupid and broke after owning it for an hour.  Since Ross was right on the corner I stopped in and checked to see if they had a Granny cart since I still wanted one that wouldn't fall apart after an hour of use.  I found a black granny cart, and two picture frames that I wanted to grab. 

The problem was that the cart was not assembled. This meant that I was sitting on a bench trying to assemble a cart without tools while keeping the crazy dog sitting next to me.  Of course tons of people are afraid of the Ada-dog, so anytime she would look up at someone or she would adjust her position someone would move away from her.

I only got a block before one of the wheels fell off, thankfully I found the parts and put it together again.  I just hadn't put the pin in properly.  When I got home I sorted through my dog pictures and grabbed a print from my girlfriend and put them all in frames.  It's nice to frame some of the pics I've had for a while.  Unfortunately I got a phone call while I was working.  I didn't get the job at Trader Joe's.  So that was frustrating.  I don't want to talk too much about it.

So I got all the laundry together.  It was more than I expected and my bag ripped.  So I dumped some of the extra laundry in my new cart.  This included the bleach and detergent.  The elevator door kept closing on me and it was hard to get all the laundry downstairs without bruises.  As soon as I got off the elevator, I noticed a puddle of bleach. 

Yeah. It wasn't closed properly.  So I had to dig the bleach out of the clothes pile, which of course took forever, then I had to retrace my steps and clean up all the bleach.  Yeah.  I missed some.  It had dripped into my shoe. My shoe! Of course I tried to try on my shoe and got bleach on the carpet. I switched socks and went downstairs to change the laundry, stepped into a giant puddle.  I hate having wet socks. 

When Dave got home I got to go for my run.  I went for two miles, and had this irritating pain in my heels.  When I dragged myself into the apartment I had to leave again since I still had to get the laundry out of the dryer.  After getting the laundry into the basket I do my best to shove the door open and it closes on my heel.  It hurt so bad. 

Now I'm hanging with a beer and looking forward to a day off. A real day off.  I will not exercise. But I probably will be walking a bunch like normal. I just want no not hurt for a little bit.  Tomorrow I'll decide what I will do for my 30 days in November.  If you have a vote let me know! The list is on day one, so take a look and let me know.  I won't be able to do the piano (no money for a piano keyboard atm) or roller skating (saving that for summer). 

I'll also take a look at what I learned when I'm not as grumpy at doors trying to kill me, bleach ruining my life, and the heavy things and the dog trying to drag me down hills.

Monday, October 29, 2012

28/30 & 29/30: Jogging

So I am probably going to die.  There is no way I should be feeling this good.

"How good do you feel?" You might ask.
"Hella good!" I would tell you.

Hella good!

I feel like dancing my butt off. In fact I was just recently dancing.  You know that move where you jump high up in the air, throwing your arms up and kicking your feet to the side? Looks a lot like this.  I was doing that jump too.

"Ronja! Why do you think you are going to die?" You might ask next.

Well there is no way I should feel this good.  No way in the world.  I spent the day walking 4 miles through the city and got blisters.  Then when it was time for my run I thought I would be hurting.  Nope.  In fact I felt so great that I never dropped to a walk or even slowed down much.  I did 6 miles in 60 min and 20 sec.

That's 10min and 3.3 seconds per mile.    Woohoo! Oh yeah. I'm practically a robot.

So yeah, I'm going to die because I liked it. And still feel like dancing and this was all after a long day and blisters and Lucky Charms for dinner.  I was only going to do two miles...

On Sunday I felt rather crappy.  I woke up crazy sore and way too early.  My lovely boyfriend and I went with our friends on a road trip! After a Safeway stop for supplies, we took a lovely and meandering road through beautiful redwood forests, lovely rolling hills, and stunning ocean views. (I got to eat pumpkin bread while enjoying this as well!)

I always get carsick, so I made sure to take a motion sickness pill long before I even looked at a car.  It was my second to last one and I was saving the other one for the way home.  Of course this is also the one time that everyone else decided that they were going to be motion sick for the first time ever.  *rolls her eyes*  I think they enjoy being contrary and making fun of me.

When we got to the oyster bay place everyone was glad to pile out of the car.  We set up at a trestle table while the boys went to get our oysters.  Unfortunately we were being plagued by yellow jackets.  I decided the only way for them to take me seriously as a foe was to hunt them down.  So I set a trap.  I used my soda to lure them, one by one, to me.  Then I grabbed them with a napkin and squished them.  I vanquished two of my foes thusly! A third one downed in leftover ginger ale.  I can't take credit for that.

The men folk got back from their mission to get oysters with 2 dozen of the biggest things I  have ever seen and two nasty ass wet shucking gloves. >_< These oysters were huge!


You can see I wasn't kidding.  My friend won't eat oysters, but enjoyed giggling like a 12 year old while I made faces and slurped them down lasciviously.  To make her and my boyfriend a bit more satisfied we also had cheese, fresh baked bread and a grill onto which we puts steaks and several of the oysters.

Oh life is full of good food!

There was a steak, with melty cheese on toasted bread for everyone. (Yum!) The grilled oysters had a dash of hot sauce, sprinkle of bread crumbs on butter on them.  Then they were grilled till the oyster started pulling away from the shell.  My boyfriend, who had decided that raw oysters aren't as awesome as all that, quite liked them prepared this way.  I felt they rather good and easy to consume.  In the end we all felt that it was a great experiment to have a grill available and decided we must put together a picnic basket for next time. 

Grilled and Good!

The ride home took forever!! We got to stop at a nice yarn store, but I didn't buy anything since I had finally decided to use a yarn I've been saving for six months.  I wish I could have stopped at some of the trails we passed in the redwood forest.  I like it so much and it makes me happy and I have not even once gotten to go for a walk in a forest since I've been here.  Paved everything all the time.

I procrastinated going for my run till it was dark and when I finally went, it was rather awful.  My ankles hurt and my thighs were burning from the hills and the heavy six miles I had done on Saturday.  I wanted to like it, but that two miles was irritating and making me wish that I hadn't committed to this.

Now between last night and how badly Saturday went I was actually not looking forward to todays run, but that's how it is sometimes. 

Life is good!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

27/30: Jogging... More Hills

On Saturday my intent was to go a nice five miles at a steady pace with maybe one or two walking breaks.  I got dressed all nice and cute and was ready to tackle the day!  It didn't go the way I planned.  At all.

Looking cute for my run. (Yes I did my makeup!)

My downfall was that I wanted to try a new route.  Usually I walk 4 blocks uphill and then I have several blocks that are decently flat at the very top of Nob Hill and about three weird laps makes a 2 miles.

I wanted variety!
I wanted to run by the bay!
I wanted something pretty!
I wanted to kill myself apparently!

It was awful.  Truly a dumb decision.  The hills were so steep on the way down I was afraid of running them too fast because tripping and falling would have meant serious injuries.  Plus I had to go up hills to get to the bay.  Then I was at Fisherman's Wharf.  The fried food smell was gross.  I had a full half mile of trying not to gag and run.  Then there were the tourists.  Everywhere.  I don't dislike tourists, but I also don't usually try to run though a crowd of them.  Not their fault that I have ill thought out ideas.

It wasn't all bad.  I had some great views.  The hills are good for building character. (Yeah right!)  I got to pet a pretty dog. I got to see Alcatraz Island.  I got to watch the last of the fog lift off the Golden Gate Bridge.  I got to see other attractive people jogging. ^_~

I got 5 miles of jogging in.  In fact I got a lot more than that in.  I did a total of 6.5 miles.  I walked the steepest hills.  I did get tired and walk some other parts too, but at least 5 of those miles were at a jogging pace.  I would go all giddy about the mileage, but I didn't feel as good doing those miles as I did last weeks 5.  So I do have a new record for how far I've jogged.

Unfortunately there were a couple of other problems that plagued my run.  I had a stitch in my side for at least half a mile that happened earlier in the week as well.  I also felt really slow.  So many other people kept passing me.  Sometimes I feel like I'm doing really well, and then I see how good other people are and I get discouraged.  Plus I had a really hard time keeping a steady pace and it was driving me nuts.
Me- "I need more mini skirts"
Boyfriend- "For running?"
Me- "Of Course!"

After the fact, which involved walking back UP the insanely steep hills, I was thinking about how I feel like I'm not that great at running, but I have to give myself a break.  I've only been running for 27 days and I can't expect to be great at something I am so new at.  Simply being competent, not hurting myself, as well as being able to enjoy something I previously hated, is darn good progress in 4 weeks.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

26/30: Jogging

I started my Friday out with a job interview.  I think it went well, but we'll see.  I was so tired all day though.

When it got time to do my run I did two easy miles with the dog and went home.  I have nothing motivational to say about it.

The rest of the day was spent watching Dancing with the Stars, and knitting.  I like knitting!

I think this is my most boring and short post ever.

Friday, October 26, 2012

25/30: Jogging Hills!

So I realized my count is off.  Not sure when it happened, but I checked and I started on the first, so with today being the 26th it would be my 26th day of jogging.  So since I'm blogging about yesterdays jog, it would be the 25th day out of my 30.  That's what happens when I am crazy busy and have no time to update at the end of the day. And when I have no internet.

Yesterday I ran around the city running errands but still didn't get everything I wanted to done.  Managed to go to the banks though.  Since Ada came with me she got tons of exercise.  Lots of places don't want her, but at Sports Basement she was able to get all her loving adoration from her fans.

I was so tired from all the walking that I didn't even want to go and run, but I told myself that I would be fine and that I could keep the distance short but that I still needed to push myself.  This meant hills!!

I ran around my own block 8 times.  This means the hill on one side of the block? Yeah, up it 8 times.  *grins* I also got to fly down it 8 times on the opposite side of the block, which was very fun.  I was counting every side of the block as a foe that I was defeating.  That's 8 times around, times 4 sides of the block, which is 32 blocks.  The last block just had to be the hill side.  Didn't matter how I did it, since I live at the top of the hill I have to climb it to get home!

Why can't we live at the bottom of a hill? Or maybe where there are no hills? I miss New Orleans.  No hills there. There are tons of hills in San Francisco.  Tons! I guess it's kinda a thing around here.  They suck so bad for running though.  Why the hills? Why? Can't they just maybe be flat? Okay! This is how I feel about hills.  Sorry.

There is a running group that meets at the Nike Store every Wednesday.  They go 2-6 miles.  I would have never guessed that I would have been able to run 6 miles, but at this point it wouldn't surprise me! Now the other problem is that they run hills...  I now know that I don't like hills, but I can do them.  I might reward myself for finishing my 30 day of jogging by going on the group run on day 31! It is Halloween though, so maybe I'll actually be a lazy pants and trick or treat.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

25/30: Jogging and NOT Sick

After I had my delightful latte and sit down bagel with Nutella I went home with the dog and had lots of fun doing nothing.  Since this was boring and I couldn't use internet on my phone to kill the boredom I went out of the door to fill out applications at the hospital across the street and the Trader Joe's.  The hospital screens their volunteers rigorously (as in full background check). Trader Joe's called me back after an hour and a half of me dropping off the app.  So I get to have a fun interview on Friday.

When I took the dog for a jog I was only going to go two miles, but we felt so good that it was just too easy and we went for three!

Then we got into a fight with a crazy man at the dog park who told me I should be careful because Doberman's can be vicious.  After I told him that my dog is not vicious his dog jumped on Ada and tried to bite her while she was in my lap!

It's rather scary to have a dog attack happen in your lap.  Really unsettling.  I yelled at this man that his dog just bit Ada.  Instead of apologizing, he told me that his dog should have bitten me!  I cussed him out and wanted to punch him, but as I've only ever been in 2 fights and one was with my sister and the other one didn't involve punching I decided that maybe leaving would make more sense.
So I left.
While cussing.
Rather loudly.

I then spent almost an hour vibrating and feeling like I was stupid for not punching or suing or something.  My girl let me get the yelling out and did what friends do best.  She commiserated and made me feel less crazy and blamed it all on him.  She also let me yell bunches till I felt better.  Best therapy ever is having friends who know how to help you calm down but don't dismiss what happened either.

Don't know what I'm gonna do today.  Maybe hills.  It's been a week since I did hills I think.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

23/30 & 24/30: Jogging and Food Posioning


So it's a good bet that the sushi gave me food poisoning. It was annoying. And it hurt too. Not the worst case ever, but my Monday run was more of a shuffle. A very slow shuffle with the dog and an umbrella. It was short too. Just a smidgen over a quarter mile. And it hurt to even do that. Why do I do this?!

Mostly because I didn't want to quit on day 23 or wherever I'm at.  I spent the early afternoon with my friend at the doctors office and wishing the sick had waited another day, since it was important that I was there, but being sick was not so great.


The next day I refused to leave the apartment.  I did the party dishes from Saturday.  I cooked pork chop dinner.  (Awesome! I wanted every week to have Pork Chop Monday, but when I asked my boyfriend, he pointed out that it was Tuesday...)  I also watched Firefly and finished a scarf for a friend.

My run was a shuffle for 3 blocks and then a groaning walk back with the dog.  Not so great.


So I haven't done much today outside of wake up, wash my face, get dressed in real clothing, do my makeup and go to the coffee shop, but I'm feeling great! (Especially now that I've finished my latte and whole wheat bagel with Nutella!) I'm so excited that I'm better!

AT&T is supposed to come over to our apt and do something with the phone lines so that I can have internet tomorrow.  But they said that they can't guarantee a time, or that they'll call to get into the building.  So I think what they're saying is I should wait on the steps in front of the building from 8am -8pm so that they can maybe get there eventually and not be inconvenienced by calling me to open up the apt for them.  They are total poop heads.  

I don't know what I'm gonna do for my run today, but I want to do three miles after the dummies come. I also need to get some Ada medicine. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

18/30: Jogging and Unpacking


At this point it's getting to be too many days in between posts.  I had to do an outline just to keep everything straight!  Before I finished unpacking the kitchen, I unpacked the PS3 so that I would have something to distract me while I unpacked.  I thought the best thing to listen to would be musicals!  "Into the Woods," "Enchanted," and "Tarzan" made my day much better.

When my guy finally got home I did 1.3 miles.  I'm not sure if I took the dog with me or not...  Can't remember that far back!


I did loads of laundry.  Many, many loads.  I also put in "Spice World" and I can't remember what else.

My run was extra awesome.  I decided that I wanted to do 2 miles.  I took a new route and was surprised with some rather awesome new endurance! I added a huge* hill into the run right as I was done with my 2 miles and was so excited by the fact that I got myself up the hill that I ran all the way home! It was downhill so my legs got a little bit of a rest, and so when I got to my front door I decided to lap my block one more time.  It meant another hill*.  I had two hills* in my run! ^_^ I'm a machine!

*Okay, these are not huge hills, but they are medium hills and they are hard.


I woke up and decided to take Ada to a fabric store for a little bit of a scene change.  On the way we bumped into these!

 We see you!!

We frolicked through the Nike store and then gasped in wonder at the fabric in the fabric store.  Then we came home to more movies and laundry.

I only did a mile.  And I took Ada with me.  It was rather pathetic.


On Saturday I wanted to do my run early.  I went my my sexy man to the local coffee shop and after I got some delightful caffine in me I went for my run.  I wanted to repeat the great 3 mile run I had done last Sunday.  So I programed my Nano for 3.25 miles (I figured an extra quarter mile should be about what I'm gaining a week!)

While I was jogging I passed a motorcycle on the ground.  Someone had run into it (probably while backing up) and hadn't bothered picking it back up.  On my second pass I couldn't help myself and asked a nearby doorman to help me pick it up. (Less of a chance of someone running into it again I figured.) The footpeg on one side was shirred off.  I picked it up and sliced open my hand. Ouch! 

So I kept running.  I saw some stairs and added them into my run. 
And kept running.  I noticed how the bottom on a ladies shoes matched the color of her purse. 
And kept running.  I got to pet some cute dogs.
And kept running. I took a picture of some tourists with the city in the background.  And kept running.  I got to watch artists paint the city around us.
And kept running. My nano said I was done with my 3.25 miles.
I kept running.

I ran 5 miles.

I don't think you heard me...


It was awesome. I felt great.  I was hoping on day 30 that I might be able to do it, but I figured there was no way it would ever actually happen.  I am so geeked!

 These are the feet that ran 5 miles!

After I got home I told my boyfriend, but I didn't want to go crazy and bore everyone so I saved it all up for you!  He went to the YMCA while I took the dog for a walk.  I went grocery shopping.  He cooked dinner.  We had a mini house warming party.  Everyone had fun and complimented my man's cooking (he's good!) and after a last doggie walk I went to  bed.  And I ran 5 miles!!


Today was a much calmer day.  I took the dog to the park.  Had some coffee.  Had breakfast sushi.  Found an awesome mini cupcake place. I also took a nap!

I took Ada with my on my run today.  It was only 2 miles.  But it felt good.  I didn't go crazy.  I am happy with yesterday.  I did decide that I needed to dress up.  It's not a great pic, but sometimes I look cuter than mirror pics make me look!

If you've never worn a miniskirt to work out, you're missing something awesome.  It's fun! I learned all about it when I did roller derby for a year.  You should try it sometime.  Or not.  It's not for everyone, but I always like it.

My girl Alana needs me to come hang out with her in the Castro.  Tomorrows run might involve the beach in Pacifica. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

15/30-17/30: Jogging and Cleaning.


After a decent night of sleep we started our first full day in the city off with a trip to the local dog park.  Which is shut down...  They had a patch of dirt fenced off for the use of our four legged friends, but not what I was hoping for.  I did manage to get a good workout with all the hills and Ada was happy, so that's all that matters. g

We needed rugs for our apartment, since at least 80% of the floor needs to be covered to soften footfalls.  (I still have unfolded cardboard boxes muffling the sound!)  This meant a trip to IKEA. ^_^ I love IKEA! It's like a mini Christmas for me.  I get to look and touch home stuff.  It's like a kid going to Disney World.  Do you have any idea how much I love IKEA? It's unhealthy, really.  We got to have meatball lunch and I frolicked for a while.  We also came away with a large livingroom rug, a hall runner, towels and a dish rack since we no longer have a dishwasher (boo).

That evening I went for a run and somehow I managed to 3 miles in 30 minutes.  You heard me right. Three, ten minute m*f* miles! I kept saying it because it was so hard to believe. I was so excited! I am still very proud of myself.  Every step of those three miles was enjoyable.

I had reread Born to Run while we were spending those long hours in the truck shuttling everything to our new place, and I kept thinking "Easy and light. If I can manage easy and light, everything else will follow."  I may be simplifying it a bit, but when I'm that excited I'll give myself a pass.  I tried to check my form. Back straight? Yes. Keeping my legs under my hips? Yup. Trying not to land on my heels? Got it!  I'm sure there are more things I need to learn about running, but I was trying to put what I had learned into practice.  I'm thinking about starting barefoot running.  But with Vibrams.  *grins* My brother in law will give me so much shit if I get them.  At least I'm forewarned!


Monday was Dave's first day at work.  Also the first day I slept myself out in several weeks.  I felt so much better.  I spent the day painting the hallway.  It was very gray.  There were also tons of edges that I had to painstakingly cut in since I wasn't going to tape it all.

Just a part of the hall!

That evening Ada and I walked over to Union Square to meet Dave so we could buy him some new clothes at Macy's! Ada was such a good girl.  She sat so nice next to me and even though it was boring she only barked at skateboarders.  And that's okay because they scare me too.  I took a picture of how good she was!

That's the Kennith Cole Reaction dog. The other one is Ada.

That evening I only went for a mile run.  I went once around the block, but there's a hill on both sides, so that means going down a hill (not so bad) and, on the other side, going up a hill (murder!) I do have an L shaped 3 blocks that's rather level.  I need to go down the block from my apartment, turn right and cross the street to the hospital, cross the street to where the pet store is, and then reverse.  It's a rather awkward rout, but I wasn't up for going to the park.


On Tuesday I decided that I had to start unpacking.  I hate unpacking.  To procrastinate I decided to paint the kitchen! I was going to do it anyways, so I might as well do it while it's still empty and the plastic is down, right?  This meant moving the (very dangerous) appliances.  The coils on the back of the refrigerator burned me.  The handle that opens the oven stabbed me.  They were trying to kill me!  It's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it.

Look at them plotting to bring me down!

So that got done.  I pulled up the plastic and then thought "Hey! I should mop the floor! Start with a clean slate!" Got that done.  Then I decided that the windows were filthy, as were the window ledges, so those should be cleaned.  That was really the grossest thing I'd done in months.  Seriously nasty.  At that point. I realized I had no choice but to start unpacking.  So I did.  The apartment looks worse now than when I started.  Really bad. 

When Dave finally got home I trudged to the park.  Not looking forward to the run, but glad to get out of the house.  I managed 1.5 miles before I stopped.  My goal for the day was 3.25.  I was so disappointed, but I felt like lead.  It was so hard just to move my feet.  I haven't quit and I know I can like it, so I have that to hold onto when I have a bad day.

For now I have more unpacking to do.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

11/30-14/30: Jogging and Moving


The last post I wrote had me missing my first jog. I was rather upset and as I walked into the bedroom to get some much needed sleep after loading the links to Facebook, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “Your shoes are right there. If it matters to you that much, just go around the block and at least then you won't have skipped.” So at 12:30 after my last post, I threw on my battered work sneakers and left the house. I was slow and my iPod crapped out after a song, but I reran the rout from the night before, so I know that I got a smidgen over a mile in. I then showered and went to sleep happy and relaxed!

Me in PJ pants and a hoodie at 12:30.

The next day my sexy awesome boyfriend woke me up with coffee and breakfast. This was so I wouldn't waste any time in packing everything up. Now the ride from Santa Clara to Nob Hill in San Francisco takes an hour. That's without much traffic. Unfortunately we always hit traffic. So we spent at least 10 hours in the car. We tried to get the big furniture first, since we didn't want to be asshole neighbors and move heavy stuff late at night. So (1) the couch and Chair were the previous night, (2) the bed came first, (3) then the desk, tv, & kitchen table, (4) then a load of boxes, (5) hgthen the bookshelves and more boxes, and (6) the last load was things like lamps, my bike, and the dog.

Now every load went like this. We carry the stuff to the truck, pack the cab with random things, load the bed, drive to the city, my boyfriend curses at the other drivers, we double park in front of the apartment, move everything from the truck to the sidewalk while the hazards are blinking, he finds a place to park the full sized F-150 in a city made for mini cars, I move everything from the sidewalk to the lobby while he does that, then we move it from the lobby to the apartment, walk back to the truck, and drive another hour or more to Santa Clara, while bumping into road closures or gridlocked traffic on almost every route out.

We didn't pick the dog up till 5:30 in the morning. That's how long it took to get everything loaded up. This still meant an hour drive with the dog in the car. A dog who seemed to be completely crazy. In the last year since we adopted her she's mellowed quite a bit. Not after we picked her up though. It's like she unlearned a year of behavior. We couldn't even take her into the apartment, she was too crazy. He had to take her for a walk while I unpacked the foodstuffs that went into the fridge.

Living room full of boxes.

After they got back I made sure that I got to go for my jog since I had felt so good the night before. I programed my iPod for a mile and explored a few of the streets around my new place. Despite my exhaustion, the fact that it was 7:30 in the morning or that I knew none of the streets every block I went shook aches out and by the time I was done I was much less stiff. I rinsed off after my jog (first time in days that I'd washed my hair!) and came to bed ready to sleep for a year.


I got 3 and a half hours. Then the dog woke me up. Since I didn't want her going crazy I took her to a park down the street that seemed to be considered a dog park. She ran and got some crazy out and I was happy that maybe I could get back to sleep. When we got back, Dave went out for coffee and brought home food! I only got an hour nap. After we ate we went and switched his phone carrier. Then he went out with some friends while I got changed for my jog. I went back to the park with Ada and somehow managed to do a mile and a half even with the crazy. 

The Ada dog waking me up

I came home and got dressed nice for a night out, when the boys came traipsing into the place. Boxes everywhere! I managed to make enough places for people to sit and talk for a while. We headed back out and went wandering for some food. We found some! Hamburgers and only 2 blocks away. They were very good and grass-fed as well. I took the dog for a last block and then we finally managed to get a good night of sleep.

Now this is an abridged version of what took place the last several days. But going into in more detail would probably glaze your eyes over in boredom. The internet is rather spotty atm, so I can't really depend on it.  Hope to have a post up tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2012

10/30: Jogging & 11/30: Not

I've been moving.  I was tired yesterday but before I finished I jogged a mile in jeans and paint clothes!  It was awesome and I felt much better.

A little bit of paint!

Tonight unfortunately I am sitting here after midnight and I'm so exhausted that I'm going to miss a day of my jogging.  I'm going to tack an extra day on at the end, but it's not the same.  I feel like I failed! I managed to jog the day of my sisters wedding, but one measly little move has managed to defeat me.  I need to wake up tomorrow to do more moving so I'm going to go to bed.  I may not get the time tomorrow either.  At that point it's a two day moving break.  But it still sucks, and I don't want to miss tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9/30: Jogging and Work

So today was my last day at work and I was so sad.  It was rather nice to see how much everyone was going to miss me.  Hopefully I will get to transfer to the Macy's in Union Square.  At least I managed to fabulous!

Today's jog went way better than I expected.  I had to stop to retie my shoe, but I managed more than 2 miles in one stretch and a bit more than 1/2 a mile to finish.  At 3.5 miles I feel pretty good about how I'm progressing with my runs.  I'm slowly, but surely, building up my endurance and I hope that by the time I'm done with my 30 days I can do a full 3 miles at a jog. I would hope for 5, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

I was gonna upload a nice map of the city and show you where I'm gonna live, but then I realized that I don't really want potential stalkers to know where I live.  Not that more than maybe three or four people really read this, but I figure maybe I shouldn't put a map to my home on the internet... Tomorrow I shall have photos of my new apartment.

Monday, October 8, 2012

8/30: Jogging

After only 5 hours of sleep (again) I decided I should take Ada-dog for a walk.  I also put on my jogging clothes so that I could jog with her.  We walked for a mile and jogged for a mile.

I do not like having her with me while I jog.  I think it's good for her, but it's twice as much work since she's constantly pulling at the leash and bumping into me.  Part of me hopes that if I just keep jogging with her she'll get better at it and I will enjoy it more.

I was going to do more, but I had several things to take care of today and realized that I hurt, so I'm okay with only doing a mile jog.  It can be a "break" day since I'm not actually breaking.  My sister was worried I would hurt myself since I'm do 30 continuous days of jogging, but I know they work out every day during boot camp, so I figure as long as I pay attention to my body and give myself occasional easy days to take some pressure off I should be fine.  Sorry this is more technical and less life centered.  Going to bed extra early!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

7/30: Jogging

It was my last day waking up in Florida.  I really wanted one last beach run.  After my mother dropped me off at my sisters condo I got into my bikini bottoms and sports bra.  I was only planning on going for 1.75 miles, but pushed an extra quarter mile and had a great time. 

I have decided that jogging on the beach is one of my favorite things in the world.  Especially the clear and beautiful beaches in Destin.

I spent some great time floating in the water and just relaxing.  Then I had to go on a dumb airplane and get all stressed and frustrated again.  If I hadn't gotten my jog in this morning I don't think it would have happened today because the rest of the day was just too busy with flying across the USA.  Tomorrow I get to deal with the start of moving things.  Maybe I can get a whole 3 miles of jogging in! Or maybe I'll just sleep forever.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6/30: Jogging & Crazy Busy

On Thursday night I found out that my friend from New Orleans, a lovely lawyer and great woman, just so happened to be in Destin while I was there for my step sisters wedding.  I wrote her on Facebook and when I hadn't heard from her after an hour I decided to text her. I'm persistent like that! Turns out it was a good thing I did because she told me she had decided not to check Facebook for three days while she was in Florida.  2 years I haven't seen her and we just so happen to have the same morning available to hang out in a random vacation spot!

So I got to go on a dolphin boat tour! ^_^ WooHoo! I had a blast.  We got to see them jump, we got a history tour of Destin, and I got to spend time with my mother and my friend. The only downfall was that I got nice and nauseous from all the rocking. Afterwards Mom and I walked through the Destin Seafood Festival.  We tried some delightful Gator Ribs and I much prefer it to fried gator.


That evening the wedding activities started with a nice BBQ on the beach last night. Got to meet lots of interesting people.  We talked about our dogs a lot.  Everyone seemed to have a dog and I can't even tell you how many pictures I saw and showed.

This morning I joined the girls at the hair salon and got to watch everyone get their hair and makeup done.  My sisters are so pretty! One was a bride and one was a bridesmaid.  I did not want to spend the $100 to get my hair and makeup done so after I spent some time bonding I hitched a ride to the hotel where most people were staying.  As soon as I got to the beach I went for my run since it was getting late and I knew once the wedding started I wasn't gonna get it in and I'm not quitting on day 6.

I managed to get 1.5 miles in one stretch and I am starting to feel a bit better about the actual jogging part.  I'm also not going ridiculously far while I still have this stupid cold.  I walked back to my starting point and took a quick swim.  Afterwards I had to shower, but with everyone getting ready for the wedding I didn't really want to shove in.  I did ask, but after one "it's busy right now!" I decided just to grab the beach shower.  Outdoor showers are awesome!  Letting my hair dry naturally in the Florida sun and doing my makeup under natural sunlight is just wonderful.  My hair and makeup looked as nice as what the girls had, was free and was done in a nicer environment. Only thing I'm jealous of is that the other girls got lashes.  I love stuff like that.  Even with the outdoor beach shower I still managed to look presentable.

The wedding was beautiful! The bridesmaids were lovely and the bride was glowing.  I got to read a lovely poem during the ceremony (with my gravely sick voice.)  I cried. After the wedding, and tons of photos, we had a great meal and I got to spend some time with my step fathers parents.  They're the closest thing I have to grandparents and I almost never get to see them.  I only got a few minutes with them at the last wedding so it was great getting to sit next to them at dinner.  We didn't do much dancing because everyone was pretty wiped out.  I'm gonna wrap this up because I want to get one last beach run in tomorrow and we need to get up early to pack up and leave the condo.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5/30: Jogging

I would have a more clever heading for this post but I'm much too tired.  After getting to bed at a good time last night I couldn't sleep.  When I finally drifted off after 2:30 I woke up again as soon as I head a noise and couldn't go back to sleep.  That was 6 am and I'm now so exhausted that I can barely think straight.

I almost skipped the jog today.  I wouldn't have felt that bad except for the fact that I'm only 5 days in!  I dragged myself 1.25 miles down the beach and I walked back sweating like crazy.  There was way more to my day and it was rather awesome, but at this point the sick, sleepy and sore is catching up so I will tell more later.  If I ever find the time! Now I shall head to bed. After I practice my reading for the wedding at least once.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4/30: Jogging at the Beach!

After yesterdays jog I ended up crazy stiff.  I felt like I could barely move.  I spent like an hour and a half watching you tube music video's and stretching.  As the videos got more upbeat I started dancing.  Yes, I was dancing alone in a room with twin beds at 11:30 at night to YouTube videos. No, I'm not 12 (although I did feel like it for a bit!)  It ended with me working on my Gangnam Style dance.  I think I'm doing all right, but if anyone else wants to join in...

Waking up this morning meant confronting the fact that I really was sick.  Coughing and feeling rather gross my mom drove me to the pharmacy. The doc told me to go for an antihistamine with a decongestant chaser.  I followed this up with a 3 shot latte on my way to the beach.  By the time I got to beach I was feeling pretty good! I changed into some shorts and a sports bra and got ready for my run!

I decided to do my jog barefoot! ^_^ I'm so glad I tried it.  My toes squished in the sand and the waves sucked at my feet.  It was awesome!  Since I didn't take it easy yesterday I decided that I really should take it easy today so that I don't stay sick and so that I don't stay all sore and tense.  I only did a mile at a jog.  Then I walked another mile with my sisters! I also got to build a sandcastle with my brother in law. My legs feel like silk from all the exfoliation from the sand. I got to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  The water and the weather were perfect.

Don't be fooled by how pretty the Gulf is though.  It's secretly evil! It stole my sunglasses.  I repeat. The Gulf of Mexico stole my sunglasses!! I love my sunglasses.  They made me look sexy California. They were a gift.  I miss them so much... *mutters* thieving gulf... 

Tomorrow I plan on doing three or so miles again.  1.5 in one stretch at a steady jog (on the beach!) and maybe another 3/4 at the very end.  By the end of this 30 days I really hope that I can do 3 miles steady and all at once.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3/30: Jogging

I went to bed thinking that I was going to get a great night of sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go.  Of course it took two hours to fall asleep and it felt like I had barely drifted off when the alarm went off.

The trip to the airport was long and filled with break lights, but with two people we were fortunate to be able to use the carpool lane.  My delightful boyfriend dropped me off at San Fran Airport and I have to say I think it might be the nicest airport I've ever been in.  There was an artisan local food store, a kids play place, and so many computer docking stations (with desks and chairs!) that I knew I couldn't be far from Silicon Valley.  As well as lots of art and some funky comfy orange chairs.

As for the flights themselves, thank goodness for dramamine. I got plenty of space on the first flight due to the open seat between me and the only other woman in my row, and I got lots of knitting done while listening to Stephan Fry.

After landing in Florida my mother couldn't wait to take me to a beach. Before I even got to settle into my room she took me to a beach! She simply can't get enough. And I have got to admit, the white sands and setting sun and the clean smell coming out from the Gulf were lovely.

When we finally got to the condo I realized that if I didn't go jogging now I wasn't going to get it in, so I strapped on my ipod and changed into my workout gear.  Since it was dark and dinner was pretty much on the table I was only going to run a mile.  So I ran in circles for a while and after my mile I felt pretty good so I thought I would go a little further.  I managed 2 1/4 miles at a steady jog and I felt great! I was going a lot slower than I do on a treadmill, so that might have had something to do with it.

Of course then I promptly got lost.  So I went in circles for a while, jogging and walking, walking and jogging.  Asked for directions twice and still ended up just winging it to get back.  So no beach running, but that just means I can save it for tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2/30: Jogging

It's day two of the jogging days.  I didn't want to go, but after how well it went yesterday I figured Hey! It can't be that bad! I had fun yesterday.  I got a little more than a mile without dying. Once I start I know I'll enjoy it!

Well I was so wrong.  I manged to jog 2.3 miles or so.  It took me 4 tries to do so.  It was not fun and I thought about stopping after the first two tries.  Try three almost made me hate everything! But I gave myself some time to get my breath back and told myself that I really wanted to finish strong and that I should try to jog at least a last 1/4 mile.  So I managed to get 3.5 miles into this day.

At this point I am planning on heading to Safeway for some delightful ice cream! ^_^ Because ice cream helps everything.  I get ice cream with bourbon in it! Yum.

Tomorrow I'm on a plane to Florida for my sisters wedding. I'm packed (after doing 6 loads of laundry!) and I'm going to look fabulous tomorrow!  I'll try to post some nice beach pictures after my evening run.  The goal tomorrow is simply to get a good mile in.  Since I'm not taking any days off to recover this is my plan to keep from hurting myself by taking things too fast. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Plan

The plan is simple: For the next 30 days I will go jogging every single day.

Now this sounds extra simple. It gets more fun after this. I have a list of things I want to do or challenge myself with and I want to do them all for 30 days a piece.  Now I'm not even going to pretend that this is a unique idea.  I love Ted Talks and this where the idea sparked. Go watch it, it's awesome and I can't figure out how to embed it into this dumb thing.

Ted Talk: Matt Cutts

So far I have a list that makes me happy and scares me a little. These will run me through a year and I hope to add other things to my list. (Suggestions are welcomed!)

30 days of:
drawing a picture
baking bread
playing the piano
salad (not only salad, but every day)
different hairstyles
no sugar (!)
video games
writing a novel
only water
Roller Skating
using a new word every day

The only plans I have for when I'm doing any of these is "no sugar" which gets the delightful and enviable spot of January and the list might change a bit because some of these I'm not sure I really want to endure for 30 days.  I'll explain my plans for each 30 days a few days before I start and post updates every day on how I did.  Granted for some of the posts they may be as simple as "I did it now leave me alone."

Today I knew I was starting my first day of 30 with jogging. While feeling unhealthy and out of shape this seemed like a natural place to start. That is my delightful before picture. My goal was to get a mile of running in and a little walking around it.  I managed 1.9 miles, in 2 parts, and 3 miles total.  I'm satisfied that I pushed myself.

Tomorrow: 2 miles minimum tomorrow and at least 1.25 all in one stretch
Right now: Dinner with my loving boyfriend!