Saturday, November 3, 2012

1/30: Coding and the Break

So my first break day was Halloween.  I spent it wandering around the Giants Parade and then getting lost on my way to the Castro. 

That evening I did not go out since I was alone and it was crazy depressing.  It threw me into a bit of a Funk and left me with a Thursday of not leaving the house.  I spent all day Thursday watching Ouran Host Club and making soup.  It took way too much energy.

On Friday I was chillin' on FB and ran across a rather awesome article on why I should be a tech girl.  I had been wanting to learn how to code for a long time.  I also have been rather afraid of it and haven't known where to start.  Two people have already said to me "Pick a goal that you can work on!" and I'm all like "Okay!" while thinking I have no idea what I can even do with this! What sort of goal? What if I can't do it? How is any of this even useful?!

Of course it's a rather silly.  Code is what keeps our everything running! I also learned that "Code" and "Programing" are the same thing.  Computer Science is not about Code, it's actually it's only huge degree that helps you understand it all.  I think. 

So on my first day of coding I procrastinated a bunch.  Then I took Ada for a 4 hour walk.  We went to the paper store! Then we went to a second hand store where I got barely worn $90 BCBG shoes for $5. *score!* We went to the dog park and Ada made doggy friends for the first time since we came here. (This basically means that there were lots of big dogs and lots of dog walkers who didn't freak out that she was a dobie.) Then I got free cupcakes!

Shit yeah! It exsists and it totally really full of DVDs.
It's clean and well lit and it scares me. 

I finally got home and settled in to start coding.  I have been in this page for two days now and am planing on redoing the entire tutorial once I've finished it.  I hope that I'll understand more of it when I'm done.  I will admit that I chose it because it was cute and looked fun. I'm still scared of failing, but at least I'm trying.

It is fun! I like it! ^____^


  1. Don't worry about failing. I fail all the time, and I'm a "professional." (Experience makes it quicker for me to figure out where I screwed up.)

    Learning to code is probably no harder than learning to roller-skate. (Says a guy who can stop, sometimes.) You'll fall down quite a bit in the beginning, but pretty soon you'll be making forward progress and having fun.

    (Beware. "Learn to program" is a favorite hobby-horse of people in the industry trying to "prove" that their favorite technology is the best. Soon, very soon, someone will tell you that you should _really_ be learning with some other language/environment/tool. This is part of an identity pissing contest, and you shouldn't allow yourself to be dragged in.)

  2. ^_^ Thanks! I kinda guessed about the whole "my tech is best!" thing. Sitting on the fringe of lots of those conversations I seem to remember my eyes glazing over a few times.