Sunday, November 4, 2012

2/30: Coding and first run!

So yesterday was frustrating when I went back to the Ruby tutorial.  Because I took so much time between staring and finishing it I had to start over.  It went a lot faster the second time around and I was able to understand much more of it.  I also managed to take a piece of code and put what I needed to around it to make it work.

See that! I made a popup window and fixed a title onto a blog with tons of help!

I did go on my first run again after the first 30 days.  Two miles were tough!  

So a little recap on what I learned in my 30 days of running.  I like it! But I already know that I like coding better.  I may be better at running though.  Fitness is way a bit easier to understand, but coding is kinda like working sudoku for an hour.  And I like working Sudoku for an hour.

Of course, unlike sudoku, I can't watch "Arrow" or other crappy TV and do it at the same time.  I actually need to focus.  My boyfriend likes to listen to dubstep while he codes.  I've tried classical and am thinking about pop or musicals.  Will try dubstep too.  Gotta find the right combo for focusing.

Today I work up to my sexy awesome man bringing me a latte and a cream cheese bagel.  Then we chilled in bed while I got cream cheese all over my face while trying to eat my bagel.  Sadly he headed out to try his luck with the San Francisco Public transit system while I was left alone. 

My Facebook motivational team helped me get off my bum and get another run in today (3, 10 minute miles!).  Ada seemed to have a very hard time with the last half mile.  She was panting rather hard by the time we finished.  I'm glad my 3 days of non running didn't make me completely unfit.

I have a little muffin top, but I think I'm toning up.

So after my run I got to catch up with my friends whom I love adore and am sad to be so far away from.  It was rather nice and I am lucky to have such great people as friends.  ^_^ I am going to knit for a little bit and watch a shitty movie.  Then I am going to start on a Python tutorial.  I think my goal will be writing a web page.  One for this blog maybe.  It'll probably be ugly, probably very ugly.  I don't even know if I can write a web page.  Is that possible? I guess I'll find out.

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