Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3/30 & 4/30: Coding and Resume

Yesterday's coding was fun! I learned things!! I made the date show up all pretty like.  Granted it also was a much sloppier version than I saw in the Q&A forums.  I kinda hate them for being full of people who are better at this than me and making me question my code.  If I made it work, then it shouldn't matter that it took me forever or that it took twice as much code, or that it's not as simple.  It working should be enough.  But it's not.  I want it to work and be pretty.  I'm debating not going near the Q&A forums till I'm done so I don't get down, but what if I miss out on learning from my fellow students?

 It's so silly! It took me a few tries to make it look better on output since I had no real plan.

Today I wandered the city today for a few hours.  I went to Macy's to poke HR with a stick to see if they would be more willing to work on my transfer if I bugged them in person.  Of course they were all "Oh we don't have your transfer! We have never even heard of you!" -__-'

 My "You should take me serious" shoes.

So that was a not joy.*  I then went to Ross.  I frolicked through the picture frame aisle! It was wonderful.  Except of course for them having all the frame sizes I need.  This is the first time I think I have ever actually decorated a home.  It's really starting to feel like a place for me and my boyfriend.  We have had so many separate places that we later merged, or places we knew were temporary stops and rather disliked, that it's the first time I think I've ever put this kind of effort into making a "home"

Then I went off to talk resumes with a friend that works in the financial district.  It was fun and I was glad for the help since resume writing makes me tense and irritable.  (I'm not just saying that because he reads this either! ;-P) It's nice to have people I can hang out with while my guy is out of town and it keeps me from feeling like such a shut in at the end of the day.

I love my granny cart! 
I use it for groceries and hauling picture frames!

Target was my next stop for milk and Nutella, because I miss Nutella and am out of the pale excuse of a Trader Joe's substitute.  I also got sucked into the workout wear.  I love it so much!! I didn't buy any though because I'm not going to spend money I don't have. At least this time I won't!

Today I learned about greater than, equal to, not equal to, etc. Also about True and False statements and how not True* is False.  Then came the tricky bit.  if and else.  I hate them.  I got stuck and went and grabbed a strip of bacon and a diet pepsie and started writing this blog.  I also decided that I need to start taking notes, so at the bottom of this blog will be notes to myself on things I want to remember but don't want to clutter my Facebook up with.  I am not saving them on my computer because I know I'll just lose them.  This is a sad reality of my life. I did get unstuck when I was half way through writing, but I am not going back to it tonight because it's already 2:10 am and I should get to sleep.

*these not True, not 8%3!=1**7 (which would be True) and not states are driving me rather nutty!

^_^ Sometimes cities have neat things that make me happy!

Notes to self.
"if" and "else" statements need to be at the same indentation (tab) spot.
% is a weird word that I can't remember but means this 10%3= 10/3= 3 with 1 left over so the answer is the 1 that is left over, not the three!
Capitalization and spelling matter!!
Don't forget my colon.
Doesn't look like spaces matter in 1 + 7 or 1+7 but "white space" does.
#hashtags are good for one line notes
"""Triple quotes are good if I need to insert a paragraph of notes."""
if I have "%s, is so great but %s is awful" % (A, B)- check the screen shot at top of post for reminder.
If I'm repeating a set value several times (such as "/") I can assign a value to it ("/"=P) and then I can use it in a code without typing it many times.
I think if it's in "s it's probably a string.
I can turn integers into a string by str(now.month) or str(87**0.05)

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