Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30/30: The End of Jogging

Last day!!  Today was my last day running. I woke up after my 6 mile triumph and spent the morning attached to ravelry and feeling great.

The day was rough though.  I had to manhandle a broken cart, a crazy Ada and a latte down the street for a mile to get to Target so I could return the cart since it was stupid and broke after owning it for an hour.  Since Ross was right on the corner I stopped in and checked to see if they had a Granny cart since I still wanted one that wouldn't fall apart after an hour of use.  I found a black granny cart, and two picture frames that I wanted to grab. 

The problem was that the cart was not assembled. This meant that I was sitting on a bench trying to assemble a cart without tools while keeping the crazy dog sitting next to me.  Of course tons of people are afraid of the Ada-dog, so anytime she would look up at someone or she would adjust her position someone would move away from her.

I only got a block before one of the wheels fell off, thankfully I found the parts and put it together again.  I just hadn't put the pin in properly.  When I got home I sorted through my dog pictures and grabbed a print from my girlfriend and put them all in frames.  It's nice to frame some of the pics I've had for a while.  Unfortunately I got a phone call while I was working.  I didn't get the job at Trader Joe's.  So that was frustrating.  I don't want to talk too much about it.

So I got all the laundry together.  It was more than I expected and my bag ripped.  So I dumped some of the extra laundry in my new cart.  This included the bleach and detergent.  The elevator door kept closing on me and it was hard to get all the laundry downstairs without bruises.  As soon as I got off the elevator, I noticed a puddle of bleach. 

Yeah. It wasn't closed properly.  So I had to dig the bleach out of the clothes pile, which of course took forever, then I had to retrace my steps and clean up all the bleach.  Yeah.  I missed some.  It had dripped into my shoe. My shoe! Of course I tried to try on my shoe and got bleach on the carpet. I switched socks and went downstairs to change the laundry, stepped into a giant puddle.  I hate having wet socks. 

When Dave got home I got to go for my run.  I went for two miles, and had this irritating pain in my heels.  When I dragged myself into the apartment I had to leave again since I still had to get the laundry out of the dryer.  After getting the laundry into the basket I do my best to shove the door open and it closes on my heel.  It hurt so bad. 

Now I'm hanging with a beer and looking forward to a day off. A real day off.  I will not exercise. But I probably will be walking a bunch like normal. I just want no not hurt for a little bit.  Tomorrow I'll decide what I will do for my 30 days in November.  If you have a vote let me know! The list is on day one, so take a look and let me know.  I won't be able to do the piano (no money for a piano keyboard atm) or roller skating (saving that for summer). 

I'll also take a look at what I learned when I'm not as grumpy at doors trying to kill me, bleach ruining my life, and the heavy things and the dog trying to drag me down hills.

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