Sunday, October 14, 2012

11/30-14/30: Jogging and Moving


The last post I wrote had me missing my first jog. I was rather upset and as I walked into the bedroom to get some much needed sleep after loading the links to Facebook, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “Your shoes are right there. If it matters to you that much, just go around the block and at least then you won't have skipped.” So at 12:30 after my last post, I threw on my battered work sneakers and left the house. I was slow and my iPod crapped out after a song, but I reran the rout from the night before, so I know that I got a smidgen over a mile in. I then showered and went to sleep happy and relaxed!

Me in PJ pants and a hoodie at 12:30.

The next day my sexy awesome boyfriend woke me up with coffee and breakfast. This was so I wouldn't waste any time in packing everything up. Now the ride from Santa Clara to Nob Hill in San Francisco takes an hour. That's without much traffic. Unfortunately we always hit traffic. So we spent at least 10 hours in the car. We tried to get the big furniture first, since we didn't want to be asshole neighbors and move heavy stuff late at night. So (1) the couch and Chair were the previous night, (2) the bed came first, (3) then the desk, tv, & kitchen table, (4) then a load of boxes, (5) hgthen the bookshelves and more boxes, and (6) the last load was things like lamps, my bike, and the dog.

Now every load went like this. We carry the stuff to the truck, pack the cab with random things, load the bed, drive to the city, my boyfriend curses at the other drivers, we double park in front of the apartment, move everything from the truck to the sidewalk while the hazards are blinking, he finds a place to park the full sized F-150 in a city made for mini cars, I move everything from the sidewalk to the lobby while he does that, then we move it from the lobby to the apartment, walk back to the truck, and drive another hour or more to Santa Clara, while bumping into road closures or gridlocked traffic on almost every route out.

We didn't pick the dog up till 5:30 in the morning. That's how long it took to get everything loaded up. This still meant an hour drive with the dog in the car. A dog who seemed to be completely crazy. In the last year since we adopted her she's mellowed quite a bit. Not after we picked her up though. It's like she unlearned a year of behavior. We couldn't even take her into the apartment, she was too crazy. He had to take her for a walk while I unpacked the foodstuffs that went into the fridge.

Living room full of boxes.

After they got back I made sure that I got to go for my jog since I had felt so good the night before. I programed my iPod for a mile and explored a few of the streets around my new place. Despite my exhaustion, the fact that it was 7:30 in the morning or that I knew none of the streets every block I went shook aches out and by the time I was done I was much less stiff. I rinsed off after my jog (first time in days that I'd washed my hair!) and came to bed ready to sleep for a year.


I got 3 and a half hours. Then the dog woke me up. Since I didn't want her going crazy I took her to a park down the street that seemed to be considered a dog park. She ran and got some crazy out and I was happy that maybe I could get back to sleep. When we got back, Dave went out for coffee and brought home food! I only got an hour nap. After we ate we went and switched his phone carrier. Then he went out with some friends while I got changed for my jog. I went back to the park with Ada and somehow managed to do a mile and a half even with the crazy. 

The Ada dog waking me up

I came home and got dressed nice for a night out, when the boys came traipsing into the place. Boxes everywhere! I managed to make enough places for people to sit and talk for a while. We headed back out and went wandering for some food. We found some! Hamburgers and only 2 blocks away. They were very good and grass-fed as well. I took the dog for a last block and then we finally managed to get a good night of sleep.

Now this is an abridged version of what took place the last several days. But going into in more detail would probably glaze your eyes over in boredom. The internet is rather spotty atm, so I can't really depend on it.  Hope to have a post up tomorrow.

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