Sunday, October 21, 2012

18/30: Jogging and Unpacking


At this point it's getting to be too many days in between posts.  I had to do an outline just to keep everything straight!  Before I finished unpacking the kitchen, I unpacked the PS3 so that I would have something to distract me while I unpacked.  I thought the best thing to listen to would be musicals!  "Into the Woods," "Enchanted," and "Tarzan" made my day much better.

When my guy finally got home I did 1.3 miles.  I'm not sure if I took the dog with me or not...  Can't remember that far back!


I did loads of laundry.  Many, many loads.  I also put in "Spice World" and I can't remember what else.

My run was extra awesome.  I decided that I wanted to do 2 miles.  I took a new route and was surprised with some rather awesome new endurance! I added a huge* hill into the run right as I was done with my 2 miles and was so excited by the fact that I got myself up the hill that I ran all the way home! It was downhill so my legs got a little bit of a rest, and so when I got to my front door I decided to lap my block one more time.  It meant another hill*.  I had two hills* in my run! ^_^ I'm a machine!

*Okay, these are not huge hills, but they are medium hills and they are hard.


I woke up and decided to take Ada to a fabric store for a little bit of a scene change.  On the way we bumped into these!

 We see you!!

We frolicked through the Nike store and then gasped in wonder at the fabric in the fabric store.  Then we came home to more movies and laundry.

I only did a mile.  And I took Ada with me.  It was rather pathetic.


On Saturday I wanted to do my run early.  I went my my sexy man to the local coffee shop and after I got some delightful caffine in me I went for my run.  I wanted to repeat the great 3 mile run I had done last Sunday.  So I programed my Nano for 3.25 miles (I figured an extra quarter mile should be about what I'm gaining a week!)

While I was jogging I passed a motorcycle on the ground.  Someone had run into it (probably while backing up) and hadn't bothered picking it back up.  On my second pass I couldn't help myself and asked a nearby doorman to help me pick it up. (Less of a chance of someone running into it again I figured.) The footpeg on one side was shirred off.  I picked it up and sliced open my hand. Ouch! 

So I kept running.  I saw some stairs and added them into my run. 
And kept running.  I noticed how the bottom on a ladies shoes matched the color of her purse. 
And kept running.  I got to pet some cute dogs.
And kept running. I took a picture of some tourists with the city in the background.  And kept running.  I got to watch artists paint the city around us.
And kept running. My nano said I was done with my 3.25 miles.
I kept running.

I ran 5 miles.

I don't think you heard me...


It was awesome. I felt great.  I was hoping on day 30 that I might be able to do it, but I figured there was no way it would ever actually happen.  I am so geeked!

 These are the feet that ran 5 miles!

After I got home I told my boyfriend, but I didn't want to go crazy and bore everyone so I saved it all up for you!  He went to the YMCA while I took the dog for a walk.  I went grocery shopping.  He cooked dinner.  We had a mini house warming party.  Everyone had fun and complimented my man's cooking (he's good!) and after a last doggie walk I went to  bed.  And I ran 5 miles!!


Today was a much calmer day.  I took the dog to the park.  Had some coffee.  Had breakfast sushi.  Found an awesome mini cupcake place. I also took a nap!

I took Ada with my on my run today.  It was only 2 miles.  But it felt good.  I didn't go crazy.  I am happy with yesterday.  I did decide that I needed to dress up.  It's not a great pic, but sometimes I look cuter than mirror pics make me look!

If you've never worn a miniskirt to work out, you're missing something awesome.  It's fun! I learned all about it when I did roller derby for a year.  You should try it sometime.  Or not.  It's not for everyone, but I always like it.

My girl Alana needs me to come hang out with her in the Castro.  Tomorrows run might involve the beach in Pacifica. 

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