Wednesday, October 24, 2012

23/30 & 24/30: Jogging and Food Posioning


So it's a good bet that the sushi gave me food poisoning. It was annoying. And it hurt too. Not the worst case ever, but my Monday run was more of a shuffle. A very slow shuffle with the dog and an umbrella. It was short too. Just a smidgen over a quarter mile. And it hurt to even do that. Why do I do this?!

Mostly because I didn't want to quit on day 23 or wherever I'm at.  I spent the early afternoon with my friend at the doctors office and wishing the sick had waited another day, since it was important that I was there, but being sick was not so great.


The next day I refused to leave the apartment.  I did the party dishes from Saturday.  I cooked pork chop dinner.  (Awesome! I wanted every week to have Pork Chop Monday, but when I asked my boyfriend, he pointed out that it was Tuesday...)  I also watched Firefly and finished a scarf for a friend.

My run was a shuffle for 3 blocks and then a groaning walk back with the dog.  Not so great.


So I haven't done much today outside of wake up, wash my face, get dressed in real clothing, do my makeup and go to the coffee shop, but I'm feeling great! (Especially now that I've finished my latte and whole wheat bagel with Nutella!) I'm so excited that I'm better!

AT&T is supposed to come over to our apt and do something with the phone lines so that I can have internet tomorrow.  But they said that they can't guarantee a time, or that they'll call to get into the building.  So I think what they're saying is I should wait on the steps in front of the building from 8am -8pm so that they can maybe get there eventually and not be inconvenienced by calling me to open up the apt for them.  They are total poop heads.  

I don't know what I'm gonna do for my run today, but I want to do three miles after the dummies come. I also need to get some Ada medicine. 

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