Saturday, October 6, 2012

6/30: Jogging & Crazy Busy

On Thursday night I found out that my friend from New Orleans, a lovely lawyer and great woman, just so happened to be in Destin while I was there for my step sisters wedding.  I wrote her on Facebook and when I hadn't heard from her after an hour I decided to text her. I'm persistent like that! Turns out it was a good thing I did because she told me she had decided not to check Facebook for three days while she was in Florida.  2 years I haven't seen her and we just so happen to have the same morning available to hang out in a random vacation spot!

So I got to go on a dolphin boat tour! ^_^ WooHoo! I had a blast.  We got to see them jump, we got a history tour of Destin, and I got to spend time with my mother and my friend. The only downfall was that I got nice and nauseous from all the rocking. Afterwards Mom and I walked through the Destin Seafood Festival.  We tried some delightful Gator Ribs and I much prefer it to fried gator.


That evening the wedding activities started with a nice BBQ on the beach last night. Got to meet lots of interesting people.  We talked about our dogs a lot.  Everyone seemed to have a dog and I can't even tell you how many pictures I saw and showed.

This morning I joined the girls at the hair salon and got to watch everyone get their hair and makeup done.  My sisters are so pretty! One was a bride and one was a bridesmaid.  I did not want to spend the $100 to get my hair and makeup done so after I spent some time bonding I hitched a ride to the hotel where most people were staying.  As soon as I got to the beach I went for my run since it was getting late and I knew once the wedding started I wasn't gonna get it in and I'm not quitting on day 6.

I managed to get 1.5 miles in one stretch and I am starting to feel a bit better about the actual jogging part.  I'm also not going ridiculously far while I still have this stupid cold.  I walked back to my starting point and took a quick swim.  Afterwards I had to shower, but with everyone getting ready for the wedding I didn't really want to shove in.  I did ask, but after one "it's busy right now!" I decided just to grab the beach shower.  Outdoor showers are awesome!  Letting my hair dry naturally in the Florida sun and doing my makeup under natural sunlight is just wonderful.  My hair and makeup looked as nice as what the girls had, was free and was done in a nicer environment. Only thing I'm jealous of is that the other girls got lashes.  I love stuff like that.  Even with the outdoor beach shower I still managed to look presentable.

The wedding was beautiful! The bridesmaids were lovely and the bride was glowing.  I got to read a lovely poem during the ceremony (with my gravely sick voice.)  I cried. After the wedding, and tons of photos, we had a great meal and I got to spend some time with my step fathers parents.  They're the closest thing I have to grandparents and I almost never get to see them.  I only got a few minutes with them at the last wedding so it was great getting to sit next to them at dinner.  We didn't do much dancing because everyone was pretty wiped out.  I'm gonna wrap this up because I want to get one last beach run in tomorrow and we need to get up early to pack up and leave the condo.

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