Monday, October 29, 2012

28/30 & 29/30: Jogging

So I am probably going to die.  There is no way I should be feeling this good.

"How good do you feel?" You might ask.
"Hella good!" I would tell you.

Hella good!

I feel like dancing my butt off. In fact I was just recently dancing.  You know that move where you jump high up in the air, throwing your arms up and kicking your feet to the side? Looks a lot like this.  I was doing that jump too.

"Ronja! Why do you think you are going to die?" You might ask next.

Well there is no way I should feel this good.  No way in the world.  I spent the day walking 4 miles through the city and got blisters.  Then when it was time for my run I thought I would be hurting.  Nope.  In fact I felt so great that I never dropped to a walk or even slowed down much.  I did 6 miles in 60 min and 20 sec.

That's 10min and 3.3 seconds per mile.    Woohoo! Oh yeah. I'm practically a robot.

So yeah, I'm going to die because I liked it. And still feel like dancing and this was all after a long day and blisters and Lucky Charms for dinner.  I was only going to do two miles...

On Sunday I felt rather crappy.  I woke up crazy sore and way too early.  My lovely boyfriend and I went with our friends on a road trip! After a Safeway stop for supplies, we took a lovely and meandering road through beautiful redwood forests, lovely rolling hills, and stunning ocean views. (I got to eat pumpkin bread while enjoying this as well!)

I always get carsick, so I made sure to take a motion sickness pill long before I even looked at a car.  It was my second to last one and I was saving the other one for the way home.  Of course this is also the one time that everyone else decided that they were going to be motion sick for the first time ever.  *rolls her eyes*  I think they enjoy being contrary and making fun of me.

When we got to the oyster bay place everyone was glad to pile out of the car.  We set up at a trestle table while the boys went to get our oysters.  Unfortunately we were being plagued by yellow jackets.  I decided the only way for them to take me seriously as a foe was to hunt them down.  So I set a trap.  I used my soda to lure them, one by one, to me.  Then I grabbed them with a napkin and squished them.  I vanquished two of my foes thusly! A third one downed in leftover ginger ale.  I can't take credit for that.

The men folk got back from their mission to get oysters with 2 dozen of the biggest things I  have ever seen and two nasty ass wet shucking gloves. >_< These oysters were huge!


You can see I wasn't kidding.  My friend won't eat oysters, but enjoyed giggling like a 12 year old while I made faces and slurped them down lasciviously.  To make her and my boyfriend a bit more satisfied we also had cheese, fresh baked bread and a grill onto which we puts steaks and several of the oysters.

Oh life is full of good food!

There was a steak, with melty cheese on toasted bread for everyone. (Yum!) The grilled oysters had a dash of hot sauce, sprinkle of bread crumbs on butter on them.  Then they were grilled till the oyster started pulling away from the shell.  My boyfriend, who had decided that raw oysters aren't as awesome as all that, quite liked them prepared this way.  I felt they rather good and easy to consume.  In the end we all felt that it was a great experiment to have a grill available and decided we must put together a picnic basket for next time. 

Grilled and Good!

The ride home took forever!! We got to stop at a nice yarn store, but I didn't buy anything since I had finally decided to use a yarn I've been saving for six months.  I wish I could have stopped at some of the trails we passed in the redwood forest.  I like it so much and it makes me happy and I have not even once gotten to go for a walk in a forest since I've been here.  Paved everything all the time.

I procrastinated going for my run till it was dark and when I finally went, it was rather awful.  My ankles hurt and my thighs were burning from the hills and the heavy six miles I had done on Saturday.  I wanted to like it, but that two miles was irritating and making me wish that I hadn't committed to this.

Now between last night and how badly Saturday went I was actually not looking forward to todays run, but that's how it is sometimes. 

Life is good!

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