Thursday, October 25, 2012

25/30: Jogging and NOT Sick

After I had my delightful latte and sit down bagel with Nutella I went home with the dog and had lots of fun doing nothing.  Since this was boring and I couldn't use internet on my phone to kill the boredom I went out of the door to fill out applications at the hospital across the street and the Trader Joe's.  The hospital screens their volunteers rigorously (as in full background check). Trader Joe's called me back after an hour and a half of me dropping off the app.  So I get to have a fun interview on Friday.

When I took the dog for a jog I was only going to go two miles, but we felt so good that it was just too easy and we went for three!

Then we got into a fight with a crazy man at the dog park who told me I should be careful because Doberman's can be vicious.  After I told him that my dog is not vicious his dog jumped on Ada and tried to bite her while she was in my lap!

It's rather scary to have a dog attack happen in your lap.  Really unsettling.  I yelled at this man that his dog just bit Ada.  Instead of apologizing, he told me that his dog should have bitten me!  I cussed him out and wanted to punch him, but as I've only ever been in 2 fights and one was with my sister and the other one didn't involve punching I decided that maybe leaving would make more sense.
So I left.
While cussing.
Rather loudly.

I then spent almost an hour vibrating and feeling like I was stupid for not punching or suing or something.  My girl let me get the yelling out and did what friends do best.  She commiserated and made me feel less crazy and blamed it all on him.  She also let me yell bunches till I felt better.  Best therapy ever is having friends who know how to help you calm down but don't dismiss what happened either.

Don't know what I'm gonna do today.  Maybe hills.  It's been a week since I did hills I think.

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