Thursday, October 4, 2012

4/30: Jogging at the Beach!

After yesterdays jog I ended up crazy stiff.  I felt like I could barely move.  I spent like an hour and a half watching you tube music video's and stretching.  As the videos got more upbeat I started dancing.  Yes, I was dancing alone in a room with twin beds at 11:30 at night to YouTube videos. No, I'm not 12 (although I did feel like it for a bit!)  It ended with me working on my Gangnam Style dance.  I think I'm doing all right, but if anyone else wants to join in...

Waking up this morning meant confronting the fact that I really was sick.  Coughing and feeling rather gross my mom drove me to the pharmacy. The doc told me to go for an antihistamine with a decongestant chaser.  I followed this up with a 3 shot latte on my way to the beach.  By the time I got to beach I was feeling pretty good! I changed into some shorts and a sports bra and got ready for my run!

I decided to do my jog barefoot! ^_^ I'm so glad I tried it.  My toes squished in the sand and the waves sucked at my feet.  It was awesome!  Since I didn't take it easy yesterday I decided that I really should take it easy today so that I don't stay sick and so that I don't stay all sore and tense.  I only did a mile at a jog.  Then I walked another mile with my sisters! I also got to build a sandcastle with my brother in law. My legs feel like silk from all the exfoliation from the sand. I got to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  The water and the weather were perfect.

Don't be fooled by how pretty the Gulf is though.  It's secretly evil! It stole my sunglasses.  I repeat. The Gulf of Mexico stole my sunglasses!! I love my sunglasses.  They made me look sexy California. They were a gift.  I miss them so much... *mutters* thieving gulf... 

Tomorrow I plan on doing three or so miles again.  1.5 in one stretch at a steady jog (on the beach!) and maybe another 3/4 at the very end.  By the end of this 30 days I really hope that I can do 3 miles steady and all at once.

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