Sunday, October 28, 2012

27/30: Jogging... More Hills

On Saturday my intent was to go a nice five miles at a steady pace with maybe one or two walking breaks.  I got dressed all nice and cute and was ready to tackle the day!  It didn't go the way I planned.  At all.

Looking cute for my run. (Yes I did my makeup!)

My downfall was that I wanted to try a new route.  Usually I walk 4 blocks uphill and then I have several blocks that are decently flat at the very top of Nob Hill and about three weird laps makes a 2 miles.

I wanted variety!
I wanted to run by the bay!
I wanted something pretty!
I wanted to kill myself apparently!

It was awful.  Truly a dumb decision.  The hills were so steep on the way down I was afraid of running them too fast because tripping and falling would have meant serious injuries.  Plus I had to go up hills to get to the bay.  Then I was at Fisherman's Wharf.  The fried food smell was gross.  I had a full half mile of trying not to gag and run.  Then there were the tourists.  Everywhere.  I don't dislike tourists, but I also don't usually try to run though a crowd of them.  Not their fault that I have ill thought out ideas.

It wasn't all bad.  I had some great views.  The hills are good for building character. (Yeah right!)  I got to pet a pretty dog. I got to see Alcatraz Island.  I got to watch the last of the fog lift off the Golden Gate Bridge.  I got to see other attractive people jogging. ^_~

I got 5 miles of jogging in.  In fact I got a lot more than that in.  I did a total of 6.5 miles.  I walked the steepest hills.  I did get tired and walk some other parts too, but at least 5 of those miles were at a jogging pace.  I would go all giddy about the mileage, but I didn't feel as good doing those miles as I did last weeks 5.  So I do have a new record for how far I've jogged.

Unfortunately there were a couple of other problems that plagued my run.  I had a stitch in my side for at least half a mile that happened earlier in the week as well.  I also felt really slow.  So many other people kept passing me.  Sometimes I feel like I'm doing really well, and then I see how good other people are and I get discouraged.  Plus I had a really hard time keeping a steady pace and it was driving me nuts.
Me- "I need more mini skirts"
Boyfriend- "For running?"
Me- "Of Course!"

After the fact, which involved walking back UP the insanely steep hills, I was thinking about how I feel like I'm not that great at running, but I have to give myself a break.  I've only been running for 27 days and I can't expect to be great at something I am so new at.  Simply being competent, not hurting myself, as well as being able to enjoy something I previously hated, is darn good progress in 4 weeks.

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