Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9/30: Jogging and Work

So today was my last day at work and I was so sad.  It was rather nice to see how much everyone was going to miss me.  Hopefully I will get to transfer to the Macy's in Union Square.  At least I managed to fabulous!

Today's jog went way better than I expected.  I had to stop to retie my shoe, but I managed more than 2 miles in one stretch and a bit more than 1/2 a mile to finish.  At 3.5 miles I feel pretty good about how I'm progressing with my runs.  I'm slowly, but surely, building up my endurance and I hope that by the time I'm done with my 30 days I can do a full 3 miles at a jog. I would hope for 5, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

I was gonna upload a nice map of the city and show you where I'm gonna live, but then I realized that I don't really want potential stalkers to know where I live.  Not that more than maybe three or four people really read this, but I figure maybe I shouldn't put a map to my home on the internet... Tomorrow I shall have photos of my new apartment.

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