Wednesday, October 17, 2012

15/30-17/30: Jogging and Cleaning.


After a decent night of sleep we started our first full day in the city off with a trip to the local dog park.  Which is shut down...  They had a patch of dirt fenced off for the use of our four legged friends, but not what I was hoping for.  I did manage to get a good workout with all the hills and Ada was happy, so that's all that matters. g

We needed rugs for our apartment, since at least 80% of the floor needs to be covered to soften footfalls.  (I still have unfolded cardboard boxes muffling the sound!)  This meant a trip to IKEA. ^_^ I love IKEA! It's like a mini Christmas for me.  I get to look and touch home stuff.  It's like a kid going to Disney World.  Do you have any idea how much I love IKEA? It's unhealthy, really.  We got to have meatball lunch and I frolicked for a while.  We also came away with a large livingroom rug, a hall runner, towels and a dish rack since we no longer have a dishwasher (boo).

That evening I went for a run and somehow I managed to 3 miles in 30 minutes.  You heard me right. Three, ten minute m*f* miles! I kept saying it because it was so hard to believe. I was so excited! I am still very proud of myself.  Every step of those three miles was enjoyable.

I had reread Born to Run while we were spending those long hours in the truck shuttling everything to our new place, and I kept thinking "Easy and light. If I can manage easy and light, everything else will follow."  I may be simplifying it a bit, but when I'm that excited I'll give myself a pass.  I tried to check my form. Back straight? Yes. Keeping my legs under my hips? Yup. Trying not to land on my heels? Got it!  I'm sure there are more things I need to learn about running, but I was trying to put what I had learned into practice.  I'm thinking about starting barefoot running.  But with Vibrams.  *grins* My brother in law will give me so much shit if I get them.  At least I'm forewarned!


Monday was Dave's first day at work.  Also the first day I slept myself out in several weeks.  I felt so much better.  I spent the day painting the hallway.  It was very gray.  There were also tons of edges that I had to painstakingly cut in since I wasn't going to tape it all.

Just a part of the hall!

That evening Ada and I walked over to Union Square to meet Dave so we could buy him some new clothes at Macy's! Ada was such a good girl.  She sat so nice next to me and even though it was boring she only barked at skateboarders.  And that's okay because they scare me too.  I took a picture of how good she was!

That's the Kennith Cole Reaction dog. The other one is Ada.

That evening I only went for a mile run.  I went once around the block, but there's a hill on both sides, so that means going down a hill (not so bad) and, on the other side, going up a hill (murder!) I do have an L shaped 3 blocks that's rather level.  I need to go down the block from my apartment, turn right and cross the street to the hospital, cross the street to where the pet store is, and then reverse.  It's a rather awkward rout, but I wasn't up for going to the park.


On Tuesday I decided that I had to start unpacking.  I hate unpacking.  To procrastinate I decided to paint the kitchen! I was going to do it anyways, so I might as well do it while it's still empty and the plastic is down, right?  This meant moving the (very dangerous) appliances.  The coils on the back of the refrigerator burned me.  The handle that opens the oven stabbed me.  They were trying to kill me!  It's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it.

Look at them plotting to bring me down!

So that got done.  I pulled up the plastic and then thought "Hey! I should mop the floor! Start with a clean slate!" Got that done.  Then I decided that the windows were filthy, as were the window ledges, so those should be cleaned.  That was really the grossest thing I'd done in months.  Seriously nasty.  At that point. I realized I had no choice but to start unpacking.  So I did.  The apartment looks worse now than when I started.  Really bad. 

When Dave finally got home I trudged to the park.  Not looking forward to the run, but glad to get out of the house.  I managed 1.5 miles before I stopped.  My goal for the day was 3.25.  I was so disappointed, but I felt like lead.  It was so hard just to move my feet.  I haven't quit and I know I can like it, so I have that to hold onto when I have a bad day.

For now I have more unpacking to do.

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