Sunday, October 7, 2012

7/30: Jogging

It was my last day waking up in Florida.  I really wanted one last beach run.  After my mother dropped me off at my sisters condo I got into my bikini bottoms and sports bra.  I was only planning on going for 1.75 miles, but pushed an extra quarter mile and had a great time. 

I have decided that jogging on the beach is one of my favorite things in the world.  Especially the clear and beautiful beaches in Destin.

I spent some great time floating in the water and just relaxing.  Then I had to go on a dumb airplane and get all stressed and frustrated again.  If I hadn't gotten my jog in this morning I don't think it would have happened today because the rest of the day was just too busy with flying across the USA.  Tomorrow I get to deal with the start of moving things.  Maybe I can get a whole 3 miles of jogging in! Or maybe I'll just sleep forever.

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